Tower of Challenge

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    • Tower of Challenge

      Hello all!

      We did see your feedback about the changes to the Tower of Challenge rewards and we have seen how important this topic is to you. So here is what we are going to do:
      • We will add 175 Mythic Supplements to Level 40 of the Tower.
      • We will add one +7 Manasone Bundle (random) to level 24 and one +8 Manastone Bundle (random) to level 36.
      • We will push the amount of Kinah you can gain for finishing all 40 levels of the Instance back to its original amount of 35.600.000 total.

      We will request these changes from NCSoft and plan to integrate them with next week's maintenance. We made these changes for a reason, but we heard you loud and clear. This is our way of acknowledging that and taking your feedback to heart.

      The AION Team