[Update 5.6] Known issues

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    • [Update 5.6] Known issues

      • The Underground of Katalam is missing NPCs. This is intended. The Underground of Katalam should not be accessible anymore. Only players that still have their Binding Points there can access it still, which is unintended. NCSoft is already working on a fix.
      • The Daily Recipes in the Luna System are hidden by the Special Recipes tab. Fixed.
      • Some recipes still contain the Lunas Blessing, which was removed from the game and therefore also needs to be removed from the recipes. This has been fixed.
      • Some Rankings on our website are still empty. They will be filled automatically after some time.
      • The instance Museum of Knowledge is not consistently named throughout the update and some old names still need to be exchanged. This has been fixed.
      • Some Icons are missing for the Veteran Rewards in the AION Shop. This has been fixed.
      New - 24.08.2017:
      • The new open world bosses Tetranon and Kaenobikan do not reward any loot sometimes. This was already reported to NCSoft and they are investigating the issue.

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