Kaldor Siege - Client Crash: Lots of players had client

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    • Kaldor Siege - Client Crash: Lots of players had client

      Lots of players are crashing their Aion client during the Kaldor Siege (this occurred on Deyla today)

      Clicking Joining Siege or Info on siege button crashed at least 12 people during today's siege. Both PC's and both clients crashed.
      4 of whom was actually all on TS leading the siege which meant our entire siege leadership collapsed cos of this client error.

      Please fix Bug!!!

      Also trying to reload client still stops at 64% IS NCsoft actually going to fix this?
    • Yeah after 5.6 it start more crashing

      Mainly in neviwind canyon, Tower Of Challenge, and sieges, and sometime in open world.

      I normally see a 15 ppl (i think) go offline in same time and after few minutes come back and said: game crash ( Neviwind canyon)
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    • Mine crashed twice in a row. First crash was in minute 39:40 of the siege, I tried to log in again (took me 15 minutes because the loading bar stucks at 64% for at least 5 minutes) and when I succeeded the siege was at 54:40. I was ressurected back on the main base so I started heading to the fort again. As I was running with my mount, I clicked "Info" from the battlefield league window. Guess what happened.

      Needless to say, I got no rewards (=hp and spinels) even though I was running and pvpving with 5 fps and continuous freezes for 40 minutes... I believe a change to how the rewards are given is a must. This is the second time I have crushed in a siege in the final minutes and got no rewards (both were in kaldor).... I feel like afking from now on, the pvp isn't worth it if I lag so much, so the only compensation I get are the rewards... which are not guaranteed.
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    • Crashes during siege again.

      Sometimes it's a straight forward crash of Aion has stopped responding
      or just before it.
      Aion.bin disc not found in drive D error and then it will crash with the aion has stopped responding.
    • illidan wrote:

      Took this screenshot during siege so I can try it later, but I don't know if it's gonna work. Could a mod give his opinion on this?
      That does fix a few things, such as jerking mouse movement (lots of mmo's have this problem for some reason). It will reset all the graphics settings.

      I am assuming that the errors in game are from content that hasn't been downloaded to the clientside. It is specific areas in game where the game will ask for the disc in Drive :D. most notably approaching sanctum square. and it does it on both my pc's.
    • Okay... ENOUGH

      Today, on abbys siege i get AGAIN crash and got no reward
      After this maintenance it´s even worse than before, 2x on TOC, 1x on BMR, 2x on open world and 1x on siege
      Repair this for god sake.
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    • cleint crashed today at sieges in resharta 3x

      first time AFTER we killed bossin Miren when i pushed info button to exit league -. I DIDNT GET ANY HP from this fort !!!!!!!!!! WHY ?????????

      second time crashed again in Kysis fort after restarting i was still in league and then after few minutes when i fly out of fort crashed again... so again reloaded client and i was still at league.... BUT AGAIN after SIEGE i didnt get ANY HP !!!!!! so today spent one hour for nothiung . thank you for your good job GF.

      just for info from over 400 people at siege 200people crashed...
    • Fix your client, holy nyerk.

      The fact that I and hundreds of other players keep crashing, getting send logs all the time is making the game unplayable and you expect us to keep giving you money?!
    • Mind your language - we are volunteers here and not your doormat

      If you have a problem with gameforge make a ticket and behave
      noone forces you to pay
      Community Guidelines

      For balic atreia

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    • Sita wrote:

      I am assuming you sent the tickets to support?
      Tell me, what will change ? It´s problem with game, and game must repeair GF technician not player.

      So make ticket, wait 1 day to respond where tell me „We can´t provide you help“ and wait then next 2 days from technical support where they give me tip what totally doesen´t help and makes no sense with problem, No thanks.

      If that problem have only few players, yeah maybe, ticket can help. bcs can be problem on their side.
      But, when have this problem really lot of people, after 5.6 maintenance, So it's clear, that is not problem somewhere at the player side, but somewhere on gf side.

      Sita wrote:

      If you have a problem with gameforge make a ticket and behave
      I don´t see anywhere section „complaint“
      Look into shugo eyes and you will see your destiny.

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