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    • New Server-wide Recruitment

      As some of you might have noticed by now, the Server-wide Recruitment has been changed with 5.6.
      You can now recruit and apply to groups from your current position (you had to get to the entrance of a particular instance to do this before).

      I was hoping there would be more people that hate re-grouping in front of the entrance and generally wasting time walking everywhere like me, and people would finally start using it. But it didn't really happen. Seems people are too :cookieshugo: to use it even tho Neviwind is using the same system.

      So here is a guide.

      1. Open the Find Group window [SHIFT + V] and move to the "Server-wide Recruitment List" tab.

      2. Click on the "Send Offer", fill the name, select the instance, and set how many players you would like to enter with.

      1. Open the Find Group window [SHIFT + V] and "Apply" to an active recruitment under the "Server-wide Recruitment List" tab.
      - The recruiter will receive link in a whisper that he/she needs to accept.

      2. When all requested slots have been filled up, a ready-check will begin. The leader will be automatically ready, everyone else will have to click on the "Ready" button.

      3. When all members are ready, the leader can initiate instance entry by clicking "Enter".

      4. Voilà. You end up inside the instance.


      Now, you might ask why would I use it?
      1. You can recruit players from all the servers, presumably shortening your recruitment time. (This is obviously assuming people actually use the system)
      2. You can recruit for instances that are normally closed on that particular day. For example Adma Ruins and Elemental Lord's Laboratory.
      3. It ignores quest requirements. Let's say an instance requires a specific quest to be completed before you can enter it. This system will ignore such requirement.
      4. You can do whatever you want during the recruitment process. You can apply while standing in front of the broker or progressing through another instance (solo one for example).
      6. You can enter any instance completely by yourself. No need to hold a group. Just create a recruitment, ask someone to apply and pass the entry. You get in, he doesn't, and you can play with yourself. 8)
      7. You can enter from anywhere you are. This is the best thing for me because I don't like walking and wasting time in front of the entrance for everyone to get there (I'm looking at every SWB alli I have ever been in)

      1. You can't spam /3 with a link.

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for making this guide, I think I will pin it.

      1. You can't spam /3 with a link.
      I will ask around on Monday about this. Maybe we can ask NC to implement a new chat command.

      Click wrote:

      So the red text "you can set an offfer bla at the entrance..." is just there to mislead people ?
      I will request the text to be removed from our version because as far as I know, we are the only region with the improved server-wide recruitment.

      Cardinal Richelieu wrote:

      If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.
    • I always used this to cross pvp with friends before, and also boost my characters with chars of other server, i wish more people use it... it will be fun to play with different people.

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