[Elyos] Daily Spy Quest - Nosra Issue?

    • Elyos

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    • [Elyos] Daily Spy Quest - Nosra Issue?

      Does anyone know the exact spawn/ time of the NPC "Ternia"?

      I've checked along with someone else, around Esterra and we've still not been able to find or source this NPC to turn in our quest.

      I read on the NA forums that, the NPC spawns at random times... and yet we've not found it yet.

      Does anyone have any info? Because I want my 50gp... plus the spinel fragments and stuff Q_Q

    • Check around in the city, those NPC are known to move around cuz they are bored standing on the same spot 24/7

      If you are standing in the middle of Esterra City you can also try to "/select Ternia" press attack keybind so your char runs to it even tho you don't find it in the crowd xD

      but at least on Antriksha i can safely say it is around.