Melee classes question

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    • Melee classes question

      Melee classes need stable ping right? i have 150-170 ping (guranteed stable never fluctuates) and i play assassin.... is it wise decision or do i really need to play ranged classes???

      I heard that u need more of a stable ping rather than low ping for melee classes in this game... my ping is not so low but medium level..... i have problem with Out of range errors i get them even when m standing next to my enemy...... Any trick to reduce the error? i see high level players jump everytime and say that skills get done on the player if u jump near enemy whereas if u walk and use skills then it will show out of range more often....

      Please guide me if i need to change class(which i dont wish to...) or not.... Some asasssin pvp tips will be appreciated ;)
    • has nothing to do with being melee or ranged - just faster atacking classes benefit heavily from low ping. With sin and that high ping even if play rly good i doubt u can do more than 60-70% of low ping sin with same stat. Casters generally are influenced by the ping less (altho not unaffected!) Gunner is prolly 2nd worst choice with high ping.