• Kebap wrote:

      LF info about Enchanced Fallusha items +20 and higher.... do they give any extra stats like pve attk/def?
      Today this game felt like a joke to me... but well, it'll be like that for everyone until the update from now on.
      and we only got 3 from HM once today, mostly it's 4 though. If you have a guarantee to get them from HM, fine, but I don't feel that a huge amount happens that often to us, so far 3 or 4.

      Considering the work you put into HM it's sort of weird in the end... (that you might get less than @t0re from EM if you're not that lucky or an equal amount)
    • the only big cleric i have is the 75 from grendal and i dps while healing on (on healspec tho) with some sort of mix apo bard/chain mission gear(low mb too, but 1mil dmg is still better than nothing), coz i dont even farm on that server anymroe to even fix gear properly but we got bard in ally that gives me mana ticks inbetween coldstrikes, when for some reason she's not around my mana looks terrible, especially in the end when boss uses more frequently skills and i gotta spam buffs as well to heal ppl up, i normally dont care that much coz still have huge stacks of nutritions but i certainly dont liek the idea of relying on those
    • I generally use potions (refined recovery potion, AP potion), Drupa cocktail and that's about it (sometimes DP if necessary).
      It might depend on the alliance and stuff like that, but I don't think that Narakkalli is that intense to heal compared to e.g. Holy Tower. I don't know either if the way how ppl do EM changed much in the past 2 months, but previously there were certain breaks in most alliances.
    • Sirkka wrote:

      (sometimes DP if necessary)
      yea about that , i am scared to use that coz frequently my team does some **** and i have to use either aquittal or salvation for self heal, so i prefer not wasting it for mana :D

      Sirkka wrote:

      there were certain breaks in most alliances.
      i am not using those as breaks :D , but then again my dps without gear isnt great anyway, thinking to gear up one of my clerics on deyla properly and there i will see how it goes with absolutely correct gear
    • Click wrote:

      Bard stuff is really good for a dps cleric
      Gladiators can use the Templar stuff cuz who cares about block or parry.
      And the enemity boost on AT stuff can be ignored if you wanna use it on Cleric, it’s too weak anyways to have major effects
      The only difference between cleric chain and bard cloth are the MP. If you prefer them, it's fine, but I wouldn't use AT chain in times where you can heal/deal dmg at the same time (and don't need a def set anymore in PvE).