Pinned FAQ about AION free-to-play

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    • FAQ about AION free-to-play

      A collection of frequently asked questions about AION, the new model and more.

      Q: How can Veteran rewards be obtained?
      We are still working on the Veteran reward system. They will be available via our Webshop later with a seperate tab to distribute the items.
      You have to obtain and activate a Gold Pack to receive your Veteran reward later. It doesn't matter which kind of Gold pack. Both single purchased or bought via AION club will be eligible for the Vet rewards

      Q: How can Starters receive Gold packs ingame if they have no option to initially trade except receive items from Vets and Gold Pack users?
      Next to receiving items without giving something in return, there is the possibility to use the Broker. Usually, other items cannot be bought as Starter via Broker but the Gold pack is obtainable even if you cannot buy other items there.
      Yes, the Gold Pack can be purchased via Broker as a Starter!
      You are not able to search for the item directly however (an issue that has been addressed). You need to browse the "Other" category.

      Choose "Other" and browse to your GP

      Q: What happens if I created more than 2 characters and my Gold Pack is running out?

      You unlock the character slots once with the first purchasement of a Gold Pack. If your Gold Pack runs out, all 8 characters will still be available. Even if you created for example 5 characters during your Gold Pack time, and the account falls back to Starter, you will still be able to create new characters. The char slots will stay permanently once unlocked.

      Q: I want "my AION" back! When do we receive the other features we know from NC?

      As soon as the systems are settled, we've dealt with majority of severe issues, then we will expand the Website with new sections containing:
      • Armory
      • Wiki
      • a Blog
      • Fan kits
      • Fan site promotion
      • The old my AION features
      • Calendar for events
      • more...
      This will still take some time however as major issues and basic functions still need to be either fixed or implemented.
      We will keep you up to date!
      [will be expanded accordingly]

    • Q: I've sent the Gold Pack to the wrong character! Can it get moved to another character?
      The Gold Pack, once activated, counts for the whole account.
      It doesn't matter if you use the GP on the wrong character as it activates it for the account. So moving the item to another character is not necessary. Just use it.
    • Q: When I buy the Gold Pack as a Starter, the Gold Pack expires, am I Starter or Veteran?
      You will be Starter. There will be possibilities to achieve Veteran status in a different way later. We are working on it. Until now, only Veteran players who transferred their accounts to the Gameforge services and Beta players are able to achieve Veteran status.

      Q: I moved items to my account storage on Nexus, why can't I see any item on Spatalos?
      The account storage only counts for characters on the same server. If you store something on your account storage, you are only able to receive the item with a character on the same server.
    • Q: I just bought 3 months of Gold Pack via AION club, but where are my Gold Packs now, can't find them ingame?
      Before you can use the Gold pack ingame, you first need to check your bonuses on the webshop after you have purchased your AION Club Gold Packs and distribute them on one of your characters. Click on "Manage Bonuses", apply Gold Pack to a character. When you log on your character, a Shugo Express Mail will arrive with your Gold Pack.