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  • Network Problems

    If you're experiencing network issues, here are a few tips on how to locate them and resolve them.

    Local Network:

    The Local Area Network (LAN) is part of your home network that connects your computer to the router you're using. Please make sure if you're encountering network problems that you're connected via Ethernet and not via WiFi and this has been known to create problems.


    This is what you're using to connect to Aion, so this will cover all issues found between your router to the Aion servers. Some issues here you will be unable to solve as they may be created by your provider or other sources.

    The first steps you should follow if you encounter a problem with your network can be found below;
    1. Reboot your router
    2. Open the command prompt
    3. type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.

    If you're still encountering problems, please try the following:

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  • Starting Windows in Safe Mode

    Some problems will require you start your computer in safe mode, due to this, I have started a small tutorial here explaining how this can be done.

    1. Press Start
    2. Restart Computer
    3. When your computer is booting up, tap F8 repeatedly until you reach the Advanced Boot Options
    4. Select Safe Mode
    5. Press enter

    Your computer will now boot in safemode.
  • Error E14001 - Game.dll

    Since the release of patch 3.5, some people have encountered a game.dll error when trying to launch the game.

    Go to and Download the Visual C++ update.
    Keep in mind the x32(x86) install will fix the x32(x86) bin error, to fix the x64 bin error you will have to scroll down the page and download the x64 version.
    It is Advisable to install both x32(x86)/x64 fixes if you're running an x64 windows as the original Aion Bin is an x32 process
    After you have successfully downloaded and installed this small patch your Game.Dll Error should be fixed.
    Some players have reported that its necessary to restart your PC to apply the changes, thou it doesn't apply for everyone.

    For People who are experiencing issue with finding the x32/x64 Setups here are direct links
  • Stopping the game process

    In some cases it may happen that the game will continue to run after it has been closed. This can create an error and will not allow you to run more copies of the client and will result in an instant closing of the game.

    To solve this, complete the following:
    1. Press Ctrl+shift+esc
    2. Click the Processes tab
    3. Order by "Image Name"
    4. look for Aion.bin
    5. Select and click "End Process"

    This will force close the client and you should be able to run the game like normal once this has been completed.
  • OTCBuildClient32_woGG(3X) or textures appearing as "Replace Me"


    The game works fine, but occasionally you receive one of the following errors:

    The game crashes with an error message like the following:

    Or when you're ingame, you see red textures with "replace me" appearing inside them.

    Possible causes:

    There are millions of reasons of why this may happen, however the most common are provided below:
    • Incompatibility with other software
    • Files corrupted Game
    • A Windows problem
    • A problem with your graphics drivers
    • A hardware problem (often Graphics Card or RAM, but it can be anything else even your motherboard)

    Use for all cases:
    1. Check if you're PC is able to run AION.
    2. Make sure your user is currently setup as administrator.

    Application Problems:
    1. Close all other applications
    2. Disable any antivirus or other malware software.
    3. If you're using mumble, run this after AION.
    4. Known applications that create problems with AION

    Corrupt Installation:
    1. Delete your Data, L10N and Texture Folders.
    2. Update your shaders.
    3. Reset the graphics on Aion to default.
    4. Run a complete file check using the Aion launcher.

    Windows Issues:
    1. Verify that Windows is up to date.
    2. Check the Windows System Files
      1. Open a command window as Administrator
      2. then type sfc /scannow and press enter
    3. Check your manufacturer's website for recent updates for any of your hardware.

    Graphic Drivers:
    1. Reinstall your graphics driver, if you're using a beta driver revert to the latest official version.
    2. If you're given a choice to keep your old settings or complete a fresh install, always select fresh install.

    Hardware Problems:
    1. Check the Temperature of your GPU
    2. Test your graphics card.
      1. Download and unzip MSI Afterburner
      2. Install and run the MSI Package Kombustor
      3. Complete the following test: 3D tests and all stress tests
    3. Check your Hard Disk
      1. Open a command window as Administrator
      2. Type the following "chkdsk /f /r" and then press enter
      3. Type Y and enter to the message "Do you want this volume to be checked on the next restart"
      4. Restart your computer and let the check disk do its job
      5. Once complete, run a disk defragment.
    4. Check your RAM
      1. Make a complete test of your RAM with MemTest86 and tutorial
      2. MemTest86 runs without any operating system, so install this on your USB or a disc and complete a test on the next boot up, this is all explained in your tutorial.

    If the above does not solve your problem, try the following:
    Complete AION Uninstallation.

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  • Checking connectivity to the servers

    These manipulations are used to verify the proper connectivity between your PC and the servers of AION Free-To-Play. They are to be completed if you have a problem connecting to a server, or if you have problems with high latency.

    There are two commands to check using Windows network, ping and tracert. Both commands use the ICMP protocol which work relatively well through firewalls (not all but most firewalls are configured by default).

    IP addresses and domain names of Aion: or (Web) or (server update) (Server Login and Selection game server) Deyla [EN] Antrishka [EN] Hellion [EN] Loki [DE] Thor [DE] Hyperion [FR] Urtem [FR] Barus [PL] Rookie 2 [INT] Union1 [INT] Union2 [INT] Pangea1 [INT]

    Ping a server:
    Open windows command as Administrator

    The ping command allows you to see the response time of a server, type "ping" (place the X with the server ip of your choice) or type "ping". By default, the ping command sends four packets of data to the server, however it is advised to increase this for a more accurate result. To complete this, type "ping-n xx" and then the ip, replacing xx with the amount of packets you wish to send.

    Examples of a ping test:
    ping-n 20 (ping Suthran with 20 packets)
    ping-n 20 (ping server update with 20 packets)
    ping-n 20 (ping Calindi with 20 packets)

    Tracert the server:
    The tracert command allows you to see if a server is contacted and also provides you with a list of all routers between your pc and the desired server. This is very useful in solving network problems and you're generally able to see if a connection is lost along the way.

    Tracert command examples:

    tracert (tracert Urtem)
    tracert (tracert to the server login)
    tracert (tracert to the server update)

    Copy and Pasting Commands:

    To avoid typos when typing the commands, you can copy and paste into the command window as follows:

    With your mouse select with command, and then press CTRL + C
    Right-click on the top of the command window, then Edit → Paste

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  • Allow Aion in Windows Firewall

    In some situation, Windows may be blocking your access to Aion with its built in firewall. To solve this, please do the following:

    1. Open your Control Panel
    2. Select "Allow a program through Windows Firewall"
    3. In the settings window, go to the Exceptions tab.
    4. Click Add Program and a new window will appear.
    5. Now select browse and find your Aion.bin file.
      • This can generally be found here "C:\Program Files\Gameforge\AION Free-To-Play\bin32" depending on how you installed Aion.
    6. Select Aion.bin and click ok.
    7. Select ok again until you're completely out of this window.

    Aion will not be in your allowed connections for Windows Firewall, please be aware you can also do the for the 64 Version of Aion, just going into bin64 and not bin32.
  • Measure the speed of your Internet Connection

    Depending on the speed of your connection, this may create problems when you're trying to run Aion. To confirm your connection speed, please first make sure you disable any programs in the background.

    MSN, Skype, Xfire, Steam, etc etc

    Once completed, please go the the following site:

    This will provide you with the speed of your connection, please note this down and then go to this site:

    This will then provide you with the ping of your connection and generally how stable it is.

    If both of these sites provide you with positive information, then the chances of the problem being your network has been lowered. However, if you receive a bad score on these, it is suggested to contact your Internet Service Provider for more information.
  • Enable Aion Log Files

    Aion has a system log function that is disabled by default, however for recording some problems, it is very helpful to have this function activated. This is very easy and can be completed by doing the following:

    1. Go to your Aion directory.
    2. Create a new folder
    3. Name this folder "aionlog"

    Once this has been completed, each time you run the game, 2 log files will be created in this location that will cover any problems you're having. If you're having some client problems, Customer Support will be more than happy to see this file.
  • Secure connection to the site and store

    Whenever you're connecting to the website using your Aion account name, check that you're using https. By default, the site does not force a secure connection, however using this will force it to a secure connection.

    Save the address below in your favorites and always use this address to connect to the site:

    CAUTION: After identification, the site returns consistently in unsafe mode (http). So after identification must again click on your favorite to return to secure mode (https). Look for the padlock indicating a secure connection before going to the store or on your account management page.

    NOTE 2: If you go on the forum, you pass in unsafe mode. We will again use your favorite board to secure mode if you want to go on the page or account management the store after the forum.
  • Updating Shaders

    Shaders are small programs to be executed by the graphics card. Aion therefore provides the source code of these to your driver that compiles and sends them to the graphics card. To avoid having to compile the same files all the time, Aion creates backup shaders compiled into a cache directory. Unfortunately Aion can not detect updates to the system files and it is possible that these shaders become incompatible. Aion will then goto black screen then the game closes itself.

    To force the game to recompile all the shaders:
    With File Explorer go to C:\Program Files (x (86)\Gameforge\AION Free-To-Play\Shaders\
    Delete the Cache folder
    Warning: Do not delete the file shaders.pak as it contains the source code for the shader.
  • Optimising your Ping (TcpAckFrequency)

    Since Windows XP, there is a new entry in the registry to configure the behavior of TCP / IP. With the evolution of TCP / IP, it is now possible to answer several queries at the same time.

    By default, Windows expects 200ms before responding to multiple requests simultaneously. As soon as it can send two responses at the same time, it does. The problem is that in video games, this option can magnify your 200ms ping (time windows where expected).

    To change this setting in Windows, you must run regedit and change in Administrator
    of your Network Adapter>\TcpAckFrequency

    By default this entry is 2, however, you can change this to 1. For the changes to take effect you must restart your computer.

    For those who have trouble with this operation: there are automated scripts that do the same thing. The most famous is Leatrix Latency Fix.
  • Assigning keys / mouse control

    When creating a new character sometimes the mouse control is not taken into account. To correct this problem, go to the Game Setup, Game tab, and uncheck the Block moving box by clicking.
  • Resetting AION's graphics to default

    This may need to be done if you're having graphic issues in the game and you're unable to manually change these yourself.

    1. Go to your Aion Directory:
      C:\Program Files (x86)\GameforgeLive\Games\EN_en\AION\Download
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Gameforge\AION Free-To-Play
      Depending on your installation method.
    2. Find the file called system.cfg
    3. Delete
    4. Launcher the game like normal.
  • Run a complete file check

    This will need to be done whenever you change files in the AION Directory and is very simple.

    1. Start the AION Launcher.
    2. At the bottom left, click the button "Run File Check"
    3. Allow this to run completely.
    4. Run the game like normal.