Semi- new Player! Lookin for a Legion who loves PvP too!!

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    • Semi- new Player! Lookin for a Legion who loves PvP too!!

      Hey! M playluve(m dissapointed with my char name....) and m assassin... 62 and i am looking for a legion who isnt only active but also Loves PvP/PvE!! i love pvp more but having friends makes PvE fun too....

      I have seen legions mostly like to take high level (70+) in their group but i also need one :( the ones which have no level limit are mostly inactive.... I dont wanna have a inactive legion members

      I dont even want to be part of top 10 legions of server (ill be happy to join if i get invitation lulz) but i want a decent legion....

      I play the game with my gf (cleric) and we can use discord too....

      plis pray for lord tachanka


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    • I'm afraid thats a bit hard
      active and not having level is kind of contradictory
      decent legion? - no such thing :D
      Legion that Might ( i say might!) still have some active people in it that dont(or at least didnt) require any gear/level to join them is Angel Heart

      But then again whatever u do finding legion usually takes place once u are high daeva. I hope you'll manage to find your place :)