Returning player seeking Sorcerer Guidance!

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    • Returning player seeking Sorcerer Guidance!

      Hello everyone, I was playing Aion for some time long ago and I took a break to try other games too which nearly lasted forever :D , I was a level 40 Cleric and I didn`t really know much about the game. now I rerolled Sorcerer and I am looking for some help, I will be mainly PvPing, I would like to know about Rotation, Stigmas, Weapons, Armor (for example with which armor I should start with and which end game armor I should get too), some advice about positioning and which targets I am supposed to focus in Group PvP (I mean like duh the healers but I heard stuff about SMs should be primary targets too!) anything actually would be really appreciated! ^^
    • Well If u are new coz having a cleric only to lv 40 ever is trully new to the game, going for "mainly pvp" you will be disapointed big time - i guarantee you that. Especially those that write around how they're only "pvp players" are much worse then me - being rather pve player. Mechanics of the game are usually learned form pve 1st, then pvp. Important is that u wont be able to get even near to proper gear w/o a lot of pve.
      Now i cant say I speak for every player out there but.
      My personal order of killing people in group pvp is SM>Ranger>Gunner>Sorc>bard>Cler> well rest varries depending of composition but usually if sin is available he comes rather late. That being said i am SM myself which means my group usually have SM and i prefer leaving sins for last coz they're a bit ellusive and much easier to kite than any range char. Being sm usually i am main target so until i die i control the pace of the fight being for my team or the opponent. However if u dont have SM that doesnt die in 1 shot I'd suggest putting priority on sin much sooner as if the SM dies your clerics would probably be next.
      As Sorc is important to know with what group you play if you have SM in group u need to focus more on dps and aoe CCs rather than focusing single target CCs. If you have many gladiators u need to take in acount their aoes(warn them when u are about to make cc so they dont break it) when u make CCs, usually u need to put to sleep Clerics/chanters/templars to prevent them from supporting their team. Have in mind chances the cleric is high MR are pretty high so u will mostly need either supplification or magic asist for succesful CC.
      enough written, time to watch some videos, that beign said one rly good sorc channel is from a friend Yiishi:

      now to get started i'd say focus 1st on leveling, getting to know your char and using your skills, 1st focus on delay between using your spells in the right sequence. PvP one differs from PvE a lot but regardless of that i'll throw u that site:

      you can check rotations of different players (uploaded sessions from ARM dps metter)

      and they look something like this for example