Weekly Maintenance: 23.08.2017

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    • Weekly Maintenance: 23.08.2017

      This Wednesday, the 23rd of August 2017, we will perform our regular maintenance. Webservices and servers will be not reachable starting from 8:00 am CEST.

      • [Promo] Summer Lottery - until 06.09.2017. (More info can be found on our website and the boards later today.)
      • [Newbie/Returnee Event] Angel in Sheep´s Wool - will be deactivated.
      • [PvE] Kumuki (Bi-Weekly) - will be deactivated.
      • [Boost] +50% Exp/+50% Drop (Nosra and Esterra) - permament, until further notice.
      • [Boost] +50% Crafting - active until the 30.08.2017.
      • [Boost] -50% AP Loss - will be deactivated.

      [Additional Info]
      • Summer Lottery: to receive the first free card on the 23.08.2017, players need to be logged in for at least 30 mins on the 22.08.2017.
      • Luna Blessing material has been removed from recipes
      • The item “Dragon Meat Salad with Oil Dressing and Fresh Plumbo” has been replaced by "[Jakunerk] Culinary Art Bundle for High Daevas" in the Luna treasure chamber