Aion app

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    • Why isn't there any Aion app? I mean having access to broker, legion chat and more like wow does ? Is it so hard for a company huge as gameforge to pay someone to make one ?
    • Hello.

      This makes sense. But there are several other functions that an app can offer. Like letting you view your characters' stats , also giving you a calculator (there are a few online ) , let you view all the maps of atresia giving info also regarding the fortress's status and also the camps on top reshanta and akaron.

      Other suggestions that I'm having for the app is introducing mini games or quizzes regarding the game life in order to win skins and more difficult mini games to win mounts with 0 pay to win. But I guess it's hard for you guys to introduce something completely f2p.

      Also let the app user get info about instance entries of his character, get general information about all the classes, skills, transformations etc.

      Give information/ lore for every instance and tips on how to survive in each one, what types of mobs are in it and what skills do the bosses use.

      Many many other ideas can be found. I mean, let the players decide on what's best for a potential app and write tips for the instances.

      Since it's f2p and many botters hackers are present (lame) don't give access to brokers and warehouses as I first suggested but how about letting players just view brokers after at least 2-3 characters reach lvl 70 or something like that. I mean apply restrictions.

      • Thanks and sorry for the wall of text. I love this game and since I believe gameforge is doing good lately I decided to write this post ( although I'm believing nobody will ever even suggest it to KR) I think it will create an all around better experience with the game even for new players and it's a good marketing trick for the company and the game . If you believe this could apply and as a suggestion and be forwarded please move it to the appropriate category. Thanks.
    • They want to provide an API for the players so somebody could make a private aion app / website like MyAION that is voluntary and has nothing to do with Gameforge.

      aiDPS meter for example has a build in plugin called MyAion which is working, the only thing this program is reliable on are players using it and uploading their details to the database of the program.

      For example if you are using aiDPS meter and go into the MyAion widget and search for character "Bardwurst" you can see my last equipped and uploaded gear.
      At least that's how it worked in the past, haven't checked for quite some time now.

      What they didn't want to do or prevent is an app that directly interferes with the gameplay, such as broker access outside the game, cuz this can be exploited.