Can someone please point me to a enchanting guide?

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    • Can someone please point me to a enchanting guide?

      First of all, I know this info might be out there but I failed to find it.

      Can someone please point me to a enchanting guide that is updated to this version of the game?

      Mega Thankx! :P
    • All powerfull + mighty supps is 100% till +15.
      I didn-t have time and money to test the new Enchantment Stones are they 100% with mighty supps until +5 or something? Anyone tested them?
    • Use ONLY APES. Till +5-7 you can manage quite well without supplements, after that use supplements as well. Never use the black stones (neither the glowing ones) for anything except intentionally breaking your gear.
      APES are super easy to get now; VR and Hell pass and randomly from instances.
    • I am using glowing enchantment + mighty supplements until +4 +5 or +6 (depends how I feel it :)). Supplements are more easily obtainable than APES in game and I am using the VR ones for estimas. Until +5 so far my success is more than 90%. (enchanted full pve gear for two characters + some weapons)
    • Remember that, to get mythic mighty supplements in your alts, you have to be lvl 65+ so atreia pass gives you the mythic ones and you can farm baruna research center in Akaron for supplements. I have like 15 APES in alts but no supplements so I can't use them.

      I've tested Enchantment Stone on 2 unbreakable weapons. The first was a mythic 65 lvl AP and I spent around 100 to make it +13. It never decreased to +0. Then I used 2 glowing enchantment stones for +15 and it was a success. Huge luck. The second weapon was a mythic 65 lvl upgraded strife (Endless Questing). This was a nightmare... 3 (full) days of upgrading, at some point I gave up and just did it to test the rates... spent roughly 300m to make it +14. Around 400 stones were spent. The weapon decreased many times to +0 and it even failed for +1 twice in a row. At a moment it went from +0 to +11 with no fails and then back to +0. When I reached +14 I spent an all-powerful stone and 400 mighty supplements to be done with it. The rates of this stone have been nerfed A LOT.
      I also used 5 glowing enchantment stones, but only 1 succeed. The glowing ones are better than the regular ones and worse than all-powerful stones, but that doesn't mean there is much difference than the regular stones. It might be 5% more to succeed :P Some people said they used L5 enchantment stone and out of 20-25 only 3 failed, although when I used 25 on my first weapon, 18 failed :P

      In conclusion, if you're upgrading a good item that you don't wanna lose (like a lvl 75 AP or Narakkalli gear) you should use the 100% method.
      "The Elyos and Asmodians were so busy fighting each other that they didn't see the danger coming..."
      - cue Big Nerf in 5.6
    • its all fvcked up right now, they added 100% chance using apes + mighty sups but totaly destroyed proc chance and normal black stones..
      before apes desctiption had it all writen down, now it's gone, i even don't have any pics of previous description,
      i guess days when you could easily enchant gear to from 0 to +10 with apes using only 4 stones are gone,
      i guess thats why they switched immediately from 5.4 to 5.6, 5.5 had nice procs and 100% chance at the same time
    • you can just afk luna to 66 now, by the time it's 66 you will have a bunch of apes from afk S ranks, + 4 from veteran rewards. Do lok 1 or 2 weeks and then you'll have enough sups to enchant armour for your main.

      -bunch of level reductions from all the lunas
      -new 66+ alts :)