Crashing at start

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    • Crashing at start

      Hello everyone.

      I just registered and I want to play this game, but after downloading and starting the game from the launcher, a splash screen shows up with something like a tree and the AION label and shortly after that I get a "game has stopped working".

      I have tried reinstalling but still can't make it go.

      Could anyone help me here?

      core i5, 8GB ram
      1TB hdd
      nvidia geforce 940m


    • This is going to sound ridiculous, and it is; can you try 20-30 more times? If one of those attempts is successful you have the same problem some players have, including me on my second PC. Clients randomly crashes during loading and sometimes doesn't.

      I have 2 high end PC's (different hardware configrations), installed both clean, one has the issue, other doesn't. So far I have not been able to locate a suspect hardware component(s) which could cause the issue.
      Is your CPU 4th generation by any chance?