[75 gear] Chanters can't equip shields. #makesense

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    • [75 gear] Chanters can't equip shields. #makesense

      Hello there,

      I'm kinda a returning user; I've played a lot of Aion since the beta, but I did a lot of breaks. But w/e.
      And I'm sad and angry.

      There is one thing I really really can't understand, and I wish I could have one official answer for this (and of course please share all your though about this): class restriction from AP PVP gears are [b]very poorly thought out.[/b]

      Let's be concise.
      1. The more outrageous: Chanters CAN'T equip any of the four Shields from the AP gear 70 nor the AP gear 75. There are 2 lvl 70 shield, and 2 lvl 75 shields: 2 for Templar, 2 for Cleric. Why the hell?! Come on guys, I barely see any chanter without a shield (at least on support set)!! I mean we are talking about hundred of Chanters players who just CAN'T gear them up with a 70/75 ap shield! Isn't it very suprising?
      2. The more anecdotal: When you are governor, and you are an AT (Hello Yaegerr from Grendal server), you are really sad. Governor's gear chain don't even exist for AT (with MB and Attack speed). Well, at most, one guy max migh be concerned by Race by Server ;)
      3. The more "Let's get muddled up" - this one I heard about, but I didnt check it: Templar can't have a 70/75 mace with Attack Speed, but hey, Chanter can! Why the heck? Did you guys see a lot of Chanter running Mace with Attack Speed? That's kind of a nonsense, right?

      Did I miss something?
      I guess there is more of this, but to be honest, I can't get over the number 1. So unfair, unbalanced. No reason at all. Let's talk about that, mates.

      I know there will be no patch for this (until month, if any), and it might be useless to be sad and angry about it, but I really want to understand why Chanter and Templar (at least) are stuck like that.

      Feel free to share, mates, but in a constructive way ;)


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    • I am still using the 65 general extend mace (for PvP attack + extend).
      Maces weren't only used for divine justice, but every stun, since shield/mace combo had way more macc than just greatsword. With the arrival of accuracy HD mstones I guess it did somewhat diminish the value of switching to shield for macc.
    • Aura wrote:

      this coming from a SM is the worst joke i've ever heard
      oh so u're one of those who believe sm is super op unbeatable omg wtf class?
      SM is becoming gradually weaker compared to all other classes ever since 2.5 when it used to be probably 2nd scrongest

      On the topic: i agree with click , if u want to use atk speed merge u also loose once 4.4 pvp atk, from the other aug so its another thing that other classes miss. I stand behind my point from before - its made in a way that u dont jsut go in 1 store and buy everything from it and done.
    • t0re wrote:

      not a lot but there certainly are some using for pvp together with shield
      Come on, mate. They implemented the swich weapon/gear for something. Any chanter support who want to do some damage just have to swap to his staff, then DPS, then swap back to mace shield when he has to heal again / get focused.

      Trubbish wrote:

      A "support" chanter who only does healing is useless.
      I totally agree. As I said, swap weapon, deal, swap back.

      @ll : Ok, thanks for sharing other example of stuff you guys are mad about. But to be honest I see a BIG difference :
      => I'm not complaining about having a 75 AP Shield who give me Magic Boost whereas I wish I have Attack, I'm complaining about being completly UNABLE to equip a damn AP shield (75 nor 70 gear).

      So my point is not about one or two stats not optimal, but the fact that a freaking piece of a standard gear of Chanter's is missing. We just have no alternative (Crucible shield is far weaker, and other are 65 AP gear so..), and no shield with like 10.6% Def PVP.

      That's kinda unfair.
    • [NICK]zorach wrote:

      Click wrote:

      Excuse me, I thought the topic was about 75 AP. Yes of course pve equipment exists with said stats.
      As per GF though, Bygone's are PvP weapons.Aion0000.png
      maybe because the sorc/sm bygone weapons are indeed the best PvP weapons in this patch. same with the bygone polearm, greatsword and staff