Choosing between SM and bard

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    • Choosing between SM and bard


      So i decided to get back into aion after a long time. Last time I really played lvl 65 was max lvl so anything after that is new to me. I've been trying a gunner and it's not to bad, but at lvl 42 it's already boring.
      I've been reading a lot and tried a SM and a bard and both seem fun.
      For bard I like that I can have different roles, I can go from buffing to healing to dps which keeps me busy. I also hear they are easy to get into PvP (last time I mainly did pve, but I would also like to get into PvP now).
      Only thing that's making me doubt is when I check sites like pveranking it seems like bard is on the lower end of dps, I just love big number. Plus it seems like every group already has at least one (or 2 or 3). Will that keep me from finding a group?
      Second I used to play a sm, I love them in terms of playstyle it feels like the perfect class for me. But as I said in never really did PvP. I read and remember as a sm in pvp I will always have a skull above my head. I don't mind dying, but I would mind dying every 5 second and spend most of my time flying back to fights because of it. Is this really the case or I'm I blowing this up in my mind . Will I still be able to PvP, or Will I just be dead most of the time?
      Would love to get some pro and cons for both classes, and your (personal) experience with both.
    • I can only add to the bard part, I barely play my sm.
      Bard has nice pve dps but you can forget to outdps a decent sin or sorc for example. Additionally bards can contribute by increasing the dps of the whole group at all times with wind harmony (if one keeps a check on the cooldown properly) and ease the job of the cleric even if by just giving group mana or even better dispelling cleric from debuffs if needed (pesky silence).
      All in all for pve bard is always a nice asset to group and for solo pve is perfect.
      In group pvp bard still gets a lot of focus (not as much as an sm), cause it can be a really annoying class to the opponent group.
      As for the differents roles you mentioned, it is mainly just dps with keeping close eye on the groupwindow if some help is needed.

      Doing the healing job in group is tedious and it feels unrewarding due to the lack of strong heals. For this reason the only place I am using my support stigmas most of the times is for siege, for the simple selfish reason to save my own ass easier on occasions without relying on having an actual active healing cleric in the group.
    • got both Bard and SM but... I am mostly on SM
      I still prefer the SM in pvp more, never got really used to the Bard...

      At sieges it annoys me endlessly that you end up on a Bard as only healer in a group - or maybe with a Cleric but that one stays afk again and I try to keep 3 melees halfway alive...
      ye it's not my main role on Bard, but I cannot help, I am also playing Cleric so it comes kinda by default to heal also on bard... ending up annoyed by those afk *insertrandominsult*

      So for me it's defo fear ripp off scrolls (I added the stigma on bard cause, ye I like it :P) and cursecloud
      (besides fear can take hits without breaking, whereas sleep is broken on hits)