Luna Dungeons rewards modification

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    • Luna Dungeons rewards modification

      Greetings, Daeva!

      As many of you may have already realized, the two Luna instances offer more interesting rewards now than in the past. Since the release of update 5.6 we have been observing the changes and effects on the servers with every adjustment we make to a game function.

      After close observation, we have reached the conclusion that the rewards are in need of some changes. Since update 5.6 the chances of success with an All-Powerful Enchantment Stone with use of Mighty Socketing Aids within the range of +1 to +15 has increased 100 percent. With the increase to the success chance in connection with the higher chance of receiving Mighty Socketing Aids, players now need less All-Powerful Enchantment Stones to reach a certain upgrade level than ever before.
      Subsequently, we have decided to adjust the rewards in two instances: in Mechanerk's Weapons Factory and in Hell Pass.

      In Mechanerk's Weapons Factory, we have reduced the amount of manastones that you receive from the Mechanerk's Special Gold Chest. We have also reduced the chance of receiving Holy Upgrade Serum from Mechanerk's Noble Treasure Chest and Mechanerk's Powerful Treasure Chest.
      In Hell Pass we have reduced the chances of receiving the item All-Powerful Enchantment Stone from the Superior Hell Pass Reward Bundle and the Premium Hell Pass Reward Bundle.

      We are certain the game provides a measured and fair amount of items. The changes will be effective from the server maintenance on Wednesday, 13th September.
      Please note that these rewards will not be removed and will be available as before. All that has changed is the chance of receiving the item as the amount of dropped rewards was substantially higher than anticipated.

      We assure you that we will be watching the results of the changes very closely.

      The AION Team
    • Dear Daevas,

      We want to address the current situation with the changes to the Luna instances that went online with this weeks maintenance. We have seen your feedback and it was more than clear, that you are not happy about these changes. We understand this and we want to elaborate on our reasons behind the decision and our plans for the coming weeks regarding how to handle this.

      First of all, we have to admit that our communication about these changes was less than ideal and we want to apologize for the unrest and unhappiness this has caused. This has been brought up in your feedback for these changes and we agree. We lowered the amount of Manastones and the chances to get APES and Serums from the Luna instances, since we do not believe that the amount of the items was in a good relation to the effort players had to invest to get them. Most players are simply AFK during these instances and furthermore, we saw a big number of users exploiting this fact to their benefit. Since the update, we saw more than 25 times the amount of items being dropped from these instances compared to before – mostly by players being simply AFK. That’s why we made the changes that went live this Wednesday.

      Still, we also however agree that there should be an alternative way to gain these items ingame, in activities that actually require the user to be actively participating and playing the game, which was also suggested by many of you in your feedback. Accordingly, we will work on alternative ways to make these items available in game, apart from our shop and events and we will try to implement these as soon as possible. We already saw many suggestions towards this goal and we will use these suggestions as influences for our plans.

      Yes, these items should be available in game – but players should also be required to actually play the game to earn them.

      We want to apologize for our lackluster communication in this. We will do better in the future and will provide you with more information regarding this as soon as possible.

      The AION Team
    • Dear Daevas,

      Today, we want to give you a short update on our current plans concerning alternative ways to farm the items affected by the recent changes.
      This is the direction we are taking at the moment, but please be aware that we are still in a conception phase, so we cannot provide you with fixed decisions yet. After proper calculations are done and – even more importantly – we have checked the viability of these plans from a technical side, we will be able to provide you with more details about what we will do. Due to this, these current concepts might still change and nothing is fixed yet.

      We kept a close eye on your feedback regarding this and our own ideas were already heading in a very similar direction. Players should be rewarded for playing actively and for investing efforts and time into the game. Accordingly, one option could be to add the respective items as drops to Narakalli and the Museum of Knowledge. Since these are endgame instances, the chances to drop these items would very likely be higher than, for example, those we are providing with the Daeva Care measures. Since specifically Narakalli provides different difficulties, we will take these into account as well, with differing chances based on that.

      Furthermore, we are also looking at the Hero Trials as an obvious option that is more widely available for all players and would also allow PvP focused players to participate. We are looking into what we are able to track within the Neviwind Canyon for example, to use it as part of a daily quest.
      The idea overall is to focus on and promote current content and these are some of the options we are looking at and working on right now. Next week, we will evaluate the above mentioned concepts and will go into more detail. We hope we can provide you with another update on this soon. Furthermore, we are aiming at having these changes – once fixed – live as soon as possible.

      Thank you for your patience,

      The AION Team
    • Dear Daevas,

      We wish to give you on update on the status of the modifications we are planning. Unfortunately, the changes are not ready yet and we won’t be able to provide you with a detailed plan today. Nonetheless, we would like to explain you why it is the case and why it takes so long for us to prepare and implement those changes as we know you are waiting for it.

      As we told you last time, we are currently working on alternative solutions to provide Apes, manastones and serums within the game (not with the shop, not with events). The detailed plan is still being elaborated since it requires a lot of calculations and verification. The goal is to provide a long term and sustainable solution for this situation. Unfortunately, it takes time to work on such a solution.

      As we can't make such changes on our own, it requires to be worked on together with NCSoft too for some parts. Here sadly, we will have to wait, as from 29th of September until the 10th of October all of NCS is off work due to the bank holiday in South Korea.
      Our initial plan was to have a solution live by the 4th of October at the latest, but now it will take at least until 18th of October (probably 25th), as we won't receive any patch before the 13th of October at the earliest, and it needs to be tested and iterated upon in case of bugs.

      We would like to ensure you that these modifications are still our absolute priority right now. We want to make it happen and we will.

      Of course, we will continue keeping you updated on this very important topic every week until it is implemented.

      Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

      The AION Team.
    • Dear Daevas,

      We can finally present you a plan regarding the All Powerful Enchantment Stones (APES) and Manastones.

      First a small overview of what we did those past weeks. We basically analyzed again all data regarding APES and Manastones in the game and what possible solutions we could implement.

      After reviewing your feedback on our first rough plan, it was clear that most of you didn’t like the idea of adding Apes in instances that only a few groups could complete. Consequently, we completely removed this idea from our plan for now.

      We have been considering a lot of options together with NCS over the past weeks and what we decided is that we will add Apes and Manastones as a reward for Hero Trials quests. This may look like a very easy and simple solution but the other more elaborated options we have been working on so far were always in favor of certain player groups and not for everyone.

      As you know, the Hero Trials quests have a 21 days rotation. The following modifications will be implemented:

      QuestRewardAvailability within 21 days
      Kill Arkhal1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone2 times
      Gain 300 Honor points1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone1 time
      Kill 3 Elite Enraged Calyda-Priest (spy)/Tarha Assassin (spy)1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone2 times
      Kill 40 Asmo/Elyos in the Abyss (65+)1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone1 time
      Gain 300.000.000 XP1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone1 time
      Kill one of the following bosses in “Libray of Knowledge” – Raging Mezram, Raging Megarion, Raging Mezaris1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone2 times
      Gain 400 Honor points1 Protector’s +6 Manastone Bundle2 times

      This will provide 9 APES and 2 Manastone bundles every 21 days per High Daeva character for players who complete all quests.

      This solution has to be considered together with all other existing sources (events, instances).This is the plan as it is now and we know it is probably far from perfect, but we didn’t want to push this back any further. We will be monitoring the item distribution further and collect your feedback, and them make adjustments where it is required.

      Thank you for your patience on this topic.

      The Aion TEAM.