[Promo] Shugo Game 13.09.-04.10.2017

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      [NICK]vilor123 wrote:

      Shugo Game
      Running: 13/9 till 4/10/2017
      Well.. where is it ?? Another GameFail thingy or is it Nerforge'd :slove:
      Probably they seen that noone is buying shugotokens anymore becoz of the nerf and they put kumuki crap up another week while it's 100% xp to get ppl to buy 200% amulets and kumuki scrolls.
      I wouldn't be suprized if they made scroll + amulets much more expensive in the shop becoz it has to be balanced somehow :cookieshugo:

      Lol.. logging other char and woops there it is.. so nvm :whistling: