[Promo] Shugo Game 13.09.-04.10.2017

    • [NICK]vilor123 wrote:

      Shugo Game
      Running: 13/9 till 4/10/2017
      Well.. where is it ?? Another GameFail thingy or is it Nerforge'd :slove:
      Probably they seen that noone is buying shugotokens anymore becoz of the nerf and they put kumuki crap up another week while it's 100% xp to get ppl to buy 200% amulets and kumuki scrolls.
      I wouldn't be suprized if they made scroll + amulets much more expensive in the shop becoz it has to be balanced somehow :cookieshugo:

      Lol.. logging other char and woops there it is.. so nvm :whistling:

    • :nothingtoseehere:

      Please keep in mind that participating in the Shugo Game event is completely optional." Yet the game advertises it with "Earn yourself some fantastic rewards in the Shugo Game" i got mana stones +1.. thank you. If that is the case. the players should be made aware, of the rates of the shugo game, that are nerfed to the ground. The players should know the succes rate of each lvl compared to the amount of tokens bought. And pls. the forums...no one cares about what the players say.

      Your legal department will be contacted within 1 month of this ticket. Keep in mind, that the entire aion community has been complaining about the ridiculous changes brought to the game by GF. It will be easy to find at least 100 people willing to participate in the legal action:)..

      Thank you.
      Good day!

      This is my feedback. If anyone is interested in pressing legal, please contact me, my lawyer is already aware of the situation, and is investigating ways to approach GF in the court.
      ( keep in mind this is regarding to the entire changes that GF has made since they become Distributor of the game, with proofs of the ridiculous ways they approach the game and players, in the process of extortion).

      Support sent me here. This is my answer. :)

      //censored ticket information - Sita

    • The legal action is happening, even if it might take a few months to complete the investigations, on both financial and the programming oh the events. It will happen, cause i`m tired of this from GF, that has almost ruined all the games that it put its hands on. All I ask is the support of the community, with any footage, ticket reps, and screens of nothing more than words. :)
    • Question, what was wrong in posting that here? This forum is supposed to be for the community, and the community is supposed to see and discus about issues regarding the direction of the game and in contact with its distributor. in this case GF. As well as GF to take notice, and find solutions to the problems, not by banning conversations, and censuring the community. There was nothing worth censuring in that conversation, as well no vital information that needed censuring. That conversation was meant only to show that i was sent to the forums by the support itself, nothing more. But ok censure it.

    • the only thing i censored out is the support reply, as this is against the community guidelines
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