LF people for crosserver Narakali (Asmodian side)

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    • LF people for crosserver Narakali (Asmodian side)


      I've started to work on my own Narakali alliance since I don't have time to go with majority of the current alliances myself because they either go when I'm at work or when I'm sleeping. :)
      We will start with easy mode and progress through different difficulties as people get geared up. I'll create a private Discord group for the instance when I have enough people together.

      • L73 and higher
      • Working microphone and speakers/headset (if you're shy and not in any leading position I won't force you to speak)
      • At least 20 000 HP unbuffed (healers 25 000 HP)
      • Decent overall stats for the instance (I don't care what gear you use as long as you have a good dps output)
      • Ability to understand written and spoken English somewhat
      What we can offer to you:
      • Knowledge about the instance and how to do mission etc so you will have easier time to go with other alliances as well
      • Fair distribution for the loot (we will keep an excel for the gear drops and who has rolled on them).
      • Premade is the priority when it comes to weapons (unless it's a weapon nobody can use ofc).
      • Salt free environment (there will be always some drama but I won't tolerate bullies)
      What do we need:
      • We are full atm but feel free to send application anyway :) I might pm you if we miss people.

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