Narakkalli Speed Run (LF ppl)

    • Asmo

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    • Narakkalli Speed Run (LF ppl)

      Hello all, i'm looking for players that already used to complete Narakkalli Easy mode (controlled shureik) and have really good dps, we usually complete It in 30m-1h max.

      Gear class roll (no penalities), you Can roll as an other class if you want.
      Good dps required (i Will check on Aionpverank)
      IT'S NOT A PREMADE so you Can keep enjoy your premades we usually runs every evening at 20.30 and on afternoon at 17.00.

      If interested you Can add me on Facebook -> Lyah Aion
      And i Will add you Intraserver

      PS. I'm also looking for Narakkalli (normal/hard mode) premade