Remove the sale limit weekly

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    • Remove the sale limit weekly

      Firts of all my english isn't so good so sorry :).
      I think I am not the only user in this game that is in the situation that can't play alot to do instances that are hard and take alot time for get items to sell or even farm. Right now Aion is a game that if you have kinah you can gear your self without any issue, good or bad depends on the situation. But the big issue for players like me is make that kinah that would help me to gear up, right now the difference of gear betwen a free to play user and a p2w full is really high. even from a casual shop user still a big difference and the reason is because we don't have a good way to get that kinah for get the gear. The limit weekly sale as i remember is here because bots used to farm and sell the items, then sell the kinah but right now in Aion EU there isn't so much bots as use to be (Still many of them but not as used to be) and also the drop rate in nosra and also the instances has ben lowered really alot, to the point that u don't get a drop in weeks farming mobs. So what is the point of have a sale limit right now?. My suggestion is simple remove the cap or release it totally for high daeva players, i don't see any reason to have a limit of 100kk + - per week when u could make good kinah without spend alot of time doing lok or gok and sell supps. i mean you can make more than 500kk average without do alot per week. Would be a way of feel rewarding for play the game and will make people want to do instances more often. But ofc also benefist YOU GAMEFORGE. people with kinah = buy more stuffs from broker , stuff that u usually sell in the shop like Apes - Weapons that u get from boxes from the shop and scrolls for reset instances that are also in the shop.
      Just take this in consideration we really need help to gear up. specially after the nerfs we got in the game, at least we need a way to get kinah for the increase of the price in the game after the nerfs. :like:

      You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone..
      Aion EU 2008 - 2012
    • Stallari wrote:

      No. Raw kinah input is not a long term solution.
      Besides, making kinah has never been easier.
      So tell me how are you suppose to gear up in a server that apes are 100kk each and power manastone as example lvl 7 are 50kk each? As no one want to take a no gear player to a high end instance. Just a question :). And you're wrong btw. Kinah always been easy to make at least in my case, the problem here isn't is if hard or not, is the amount you can make compare to the prices in the broker.
      1 last thing also. Don't use only your point of view of what is good or not, because if u are a end gear player or a vet one with account that u can sell even serums and make kinah this suggestion isn't even worth but just tell you to start from 0 with starter account and let me know if u will even play this game .

      You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone..
      Aion EU 2008 - 2012