Payment - Change of SMS payment method

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    • Payment - Change of SMS payment method

      Dear Player,

      We would like to inform you about a change in connection to the “via SMS” payment option.
      We have switched our payment provider.

      The new provider is PayPal.

      PayPal has been offering payment services for mobile devices, such as mobile phones, for some time now.
      The billing of our services is carried out via your mobile phone service provider as usual.

      You DO NOT need a PayPal account to use it
      However, due to the change we have to adjust the tariff:
      The previous tariff of ₤4.50 has been replaced with a ₤5.00 tariff
      Of course the higher price also means you will correspondingly receive more Credits.
      The switch also enables us to offer you an easier payment method.

      The advantage of the new process, called “web billing”, is better usability, as you do not need to send text (a keyword) to a short number anymore.

      What exactly is web billing?

      Web billing is a payment method that uses a combination of mobile phone and internet.

      This is how it works.
      1. Select the SMS payment method in the shop as usual
      2. Select your desired amount and click on “Buy now“
      3. Enter your mobile phone number on the next page and click “next“ IMPORTANT: Your mobile phone number is NOT stored, is only used for one payment process and is securely encrypted to complete the payment with your mobile phone service provider. Therefore it is NOT a subscription and you do not have any continuing expenses.
      4. An SMS with a code will then be sent to your mobile phone
      5. Simply enter the code on the displayed page and click on “pay“
      6. And you’re done

      For the tariffs of ₤10.00 and ₤20.00, the only thing that has changed is the user interface. The payment process itself will not change.

      Kind regards,
      Your GF Team