Starting the game via .bat file

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    • Starting the game via .bat file

      Hi quick question, I tried starting the game with a .bat file instead of using the official launcher and the game felt smoother overall, without the annoying delay upon entering the options menu, so I just wanted to know if playing with the game launched from that bat file is fine, or it can be a bannable offense.

      I'll post the command here to show you what the bat file is all about, very simple:

      start /high "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Gameforge\AION Free-to-Play\bin64\aion.bin" -ip: -lang:ENG -st -oncmsg -charnamemenu -ingamebrowser

      I believe many people play the game via aion rain meter which indeed starts the client via a custom bat file and with that said, I just wanted to double check with the staff because I don't want all my efforts gone for so little.
    • Something to add not so related to this topic, but can be helpful to people...

      Aidps has a launcher function now as well. Whenever someone crashes (sendlog or whatever) using that launcher, selecting "use the last dumb" or something like that (I am at work so I dont have it installed here) which is ticked by default, its not gonna wait 5-10 minutes the game to load, it will load normally