The Shugo Legacy

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    • The Shugo Legacy

      In-game events running 11/10 to 22/11

      Attention: in the next three weeks there’s three different Shugo events coming one after the other and you’ll be able to vote for the best one! The winning event will then continue on for two more weeks and you’ll be able to pick up even more fantastic items.

      The voting will take place over an in-game survey, which will be available to respond to between the 1/11 and 6/11. You will be able to choose between the instances Return to the Shugo Imperial Tomb, Trillonerk's Gold Vault or the Fire Temple of Memory (see the events in this news). Every player within the level range of 40 – 75 will be able to participate in the voting once.

      Return to the Shugo Imperial Tomb

      Running: 11/10/2017 - 18/10/2017

      Entry time:

      The Shugo Imperial Tomb will once again be opening its gates to players level 45 and up. Seek out Indiana Jonshunerk in Sanctum or Pandaemonium to enter the instance in the form of a Shugo Warrior. Together with one to two fellow players, stop the tomb raiders who have their eyes on the treasures of this lost empire.

      This time around too there are some enticing rewards such as the Phoenix Wings, the Fire Dragon King's Shimmering Weapons Chest, Panda's Go-Kart, Advanced Daevanion Protector's Weapons Chest, Prigga Legion's Enhanced Weapons Chest, Minionite and much more.

      Starting 11/10, you will find some useful items for your excursion into the instance in the AION Shop: the Entry Scroll for the Shugo Imperial Tomb increases the number of visits you can take to the instance by one, meaning you can dive right back into the tomb. In the burial chamber of the Emperor, Empress and the Crown Prince there are valuable chests waiting, which you can alternatively open using the Indestructible Treasure Chest Key from the AION Shop instead of the in-game keys.


      A list with all possible rewards can be found here.

      Trillonerk's Gold Vault

      Running: 18/10/2017 - 25/10/2017

      Entry times:

      Thieves have zeroed in on the treasures of Shugo Emperor Trillonerk. Transform yourself into a member of the Shugo Round Table (knights, mages or warriors) and storm into the Gold Vault with up to two more players and stop the intruders from level 40 on. Valuable rewards such as a Water Dragon King's Noble Weapon Box, Shugo Jet Box, [Jakunerk] Weapons Chest of Bygone Atreia and much more await. Don't miss this chance!

      The entry scroll for Trillonerk's Gold Vault and the Indestructible Imperial Box Key that can be used to open the reward chests in the instance will be available in the AION Shop from 18/10 onwards.


      A list with all possible rewards can be found here

      Fire Temple of Memory

      Running: 25/10/2017 - 1/11/2017

      Entry times:

      Head into the Fire Temple of Memory with two comrades-in-arms and take on the hordes of monsters to secure some unbelievable rewards. Here's how it works:

      Visit Annanerk (in your respective capital) to be able to enter the instance (from level 40 on). Transform into a heroic Sorcerer, Gladiator or Templar and fight against the clock: the more points you rack up through defeating monsters, the more keys you'll earn!

      These keys can then be used in the treasure chamber that follows, where you can pocket some truly desirable prizes: [Jakunerk] Weapons Chest of Bygone Atreia, Farside Lightning Dragon King's Sublime Weapons Chest, Cat Cape, High Guard Leader's Accessories Chest or the All-Powerful Enchantment Stone. Naturally there are even more valuable treasures to be attained.

      The Entry Scroll for Fire Temple of Memory and the Key to the Powerful Treasure Chest that can be used to open the reward chests in the instance will be available in the AION Shop from 25/10 onwards.


      A list with all possible rewards can be found here
    • There is currently an issue with one of the rewards from the Shugo Imperial Tomb. You have a chance to get 2 estimas when you open the 3 keys chest. Unfortunately, the game can’t provide two estimas out of this item. Therefore, all the players who received only one estima from this specific chest, will receive the second one next week, when the event ends.

      The issue is only there for the 3 keys chest and does not affect lowest chests.