[Discussion Thread] Luna Dungeons rewards modification

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    • Galeas wrote:

      Dear Daevas,

      We can finally present you a plan regarding the All Powerful Enchantment Stones (APES) and Manastones.


      After reviewing your feedback on our first rough plan, it was clear that most of you didn’t like the idea of adding Apes in instances that only a few groups could complete. Consequently, we completely removed this idea from our plan for now.

      "instead we are going to implement ways to get APES with each and every god damn twink character...."
      Instead of completely removing this idea, you should reward players who can do endgame stuff with better rewards instead of just removing them.
      what you do now is reward players with many twinks.
      I'm ready, i have 32 characters level 68+

      We have been considering a lot of options together with NCS over the past weeks and what we decided is that we will add Apes and Manastones as a reward for Hero Trials quests. This may look like a very easy and simple solution but the other more elaborated options we have been working on so far were always in favor of certain player groups and not for everyone.

      As you know, the Hero Trials quests have a 21 days rotation. The following modifications will be implemented:

      Which means if you miss one of those days with rewards, you're f*cked (sorry) and don't even get 9 APES in 3 weeks.

      QuestRewardAvailability within 21 days
      Kill Arkhal1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone2 times
      Gain 300 Honor points1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone1 time
      Kill 3 Elite Enraged Calyda-Priest (spy)/Tarha Assassin (spy)1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone2 times
      Kill 40 Asmo/Elyos in the Abyss (65+)1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone1 time
      Gain 300.000.000 XP1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone1 time
      Kill one of the following bosses in “Libray of Knowledge” – Raging Mezram, Raging Megarion, Raging Mezaris1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone2 times
      Gain 400 Honor points1 Protector’s +6 Manastone Bundle2 times

      Half of the stuff is AFK-Content and most of it you can with twinks....
      Maybe someday i can play my main without the need for 30 twinks to equip it....

      This will provide 9 APES and 2 Manastone bundles every 21 days per High Daeva character for players who complete all quests.

      For a single person, 12 manastones +6 ( = 4x +7 ) are far from enough
      but hey, that's what twinks are for right? Gonna send all my twinks in afk 1v1 arena and afk dredgion / afk raid, whatever.

      This solution has to be considered together with all other existing sources (events, instances).This is the plan as it is now and we know it is probably far from perfect, but we didn’t want to push this back any further. We will be monitoring the item distribution further and collect your feedback, and them make adjustments where it is required.

      At least you're honest about this one: Yes it is very far from being perfect.

      Thank you for your patience on this topic.

      The Aion TEAM.
      Overall, i don't like those announced changes at all.
      More twink content, not enough if you do it without twinks and no solution for the long term (looking at the next patch where we need more APES on our mains)

      if you think that's only negative stuff i write, check out the suggestions included in my post in the german board
    • As expected ppl are never happy :D, go play Lineage and let me know how much u will need to farm. This solution is good, tbh it doesn't matter about twinks right now when some special ppl were farming afk luna in 90 or even more chars to be the '' top kek '' player.
    • I dont see anything about HUS (Holy upgrade Serum)
      Wheren't those nerfed also from the weekly Luna?

      Maybe add 1 of those per rotation? (calculating 20% old chance 5 weeks = 1 HUS per char of actively doing Weekly Luna)

      Btw kills in abyss must be during siege (easy to do 40 kills as party
      hard for some classed if its Solo ) or be 15~30 (solo/party) on normal
      Or maybe in esterra, as way more people are active in those maps.

      yes mising that day is problematic but so was mising a day at luna, unless you were doing afk Luna anyway.
      Lets not forget we all have to move a step back. And most people agreed that AFK Luna was bad.
      And everyone who farmed luna wil farm with alts but at least this time alts will be active not locked in a "green room"
      And while i see many "holes" in this plan i do also see a try in the right direction.
      We shout at wrongs lets say something good at good effords also, while trying to promote active gameplay.

      EDIT: i prefer ARKHAL +LOK instead of LOK (2+2) we need more diveristy.
      LOK parties are running anyway and helps broker and activity on servers, its good to have a different instance so people dont do same thing all time.
      ARKHAL is pretty easy and they kept LOK easy as its ANY boss.

      About stones we still have 30/90 so we must cover 60 not 90.
      so 12 per 21 days is fine for me. before it was 7x7 days = 49 days for those extra 60 its better balance (keep in mind that GF wanted to lower drops so we are around 30+12+12 = 54 per 42/49 days

      Also fearing to miss a quest makes you to play every day, maybe its unhealthy but AION its mmo it "must" make player play actively every day

      I personally find them in good path tweaking is needed but not go "put more easier" lets all try to be balanced!

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    • Not sure about the others, but the "Gain 300 Honor points" and "Gain 400 Honor points" HERO quests seems both difficult and easy at the same time.

      Difficult for those who almost don't do any PvP stuffs (like me).
      Easy for those who do a lot of PvP stuff.

      Also those two are actually more easily exploitable because everyone knows the AFK issues during Siege's (its more problematic than Luna AFK issue which was the reasons why Luna was nerfed according to GF).

      All in all, if one do only PvE stuff (like me for example), then they would get 5 APES per 21 days, which is quite low i would say, as it means that it would take more than 2 months to just +15 one gear part, and even if i consider alters, by the time i can get one good set, the next patch would be here.

      This is supplemented by lack of "Mighty Mythic Supplement" sources as well.

      In here, i would suggest that PLEASE (I BEG YOU), bring back the "Battle Medal" Supplement NPC's (with the amount being the same as during the Katalam days), we really need them. If you want just double the amount of BM's needed to get them or and in the Eternal ones as well in those bundles, but we really need them.
      Especially if you are planning to follow this HERO quest plan.

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    • Zeca wrote:

      I do not like how it will be implemented.
      Why not implemented them as pink quest and let us choose when we can do them?
      I agree.

      And make them Weekly and give us 5 APES per week from those quest instead (remove the "Honor points" ones to avoid exploitation by 'AFK').
      And for those 5 APES, 2 should be pure PvE stuff related, while 2 should be pure PvP stuff related, with the last 1 depending on both (like that XP quest).

      This would only just increase the amount of APES we get in 21 days from your idea (rather than 9 in 21 days, we could get 15 in 21 days, and that depends on our own speed and not on some RNG system which is usually bugged and can give quest at a really bad time).

      By this method, it would help us get a +15 gear in every 21 days (those who do both PvP and PvE), rather than the one you suggested which require around 29 days to get one, if the quests come in right order or else it could take 42 days (for pure PvE'ers, it would take 35 days to get 15 APES, while your idea needed 63 days).

      As for the Manastone Quest, make it also a weekly one, but divide it between a PvE and PvP quest, and alternate them each week (meaning 1 quest could be done in every 2 weeks). While it might not seem fair to pure PvE'ers (like me), but its better this way if i would have to say.

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    • Not enough manastones at all and some of the Apes should be tradeable, the broker is empty. Even tho you selected the hero trials as a way to give those rewards, nothing was done to promote pvp on nosra/esterra, so these maps will stay empty forever.
      Overall, we should have at least one of those quests that give apes/serums/manastone everyday, which is far from being the case here since there will be only 11 quests for 21 days.
      What are we supposed to do with 9 apes and 12 +6 manastones every 21 days?

      We need 10 apes quests (including atleast 2 tradeables, on the quests that are less likely to be done by alts), 6 manastone bundle quests and 5 serum quests (alteast 1 tradeable) so that we have one quest everyday.
      Oh and don't worry, even if you give out "that much", it's actually not that much and people will still spend on the shop to get more.

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    • My few cents ...

      I have to admit, you surprised me and probably almost everybody with that plan. No one expected something like this and with the little information you shared with us and the ideas you had I was expecting the end of this game. Not immediately, but slowly and certainly.

      During the "pre nerf luna" era with the little time we had to enjoy these new rewards from it, a lot of people made tests with already stacked bags, including me. I believe the number that was concluded as a chance to obtain an APES from S/A bags was around 20-25%. A pure RNG which some days can leave us with nothing. So for 21 days that would be around 5 all powerfuls, so this plan is an upgrade of what we have.

      That brings me to these words:

      Galeas wrote:

      After close observation, we have reached the conclusion that the rewards are in need of some changes. Since update 5.6 the chances of success with an All-Powerful Enchantment Stone with use of Mighty Socketing Aids within the range of +1 to +15 has increased 100 percent. With the increase to the success chance in connection with the higher chance of receiving Mighty Socketing Aids, players now need less All-Powerful Enchantment Stones to reach a certain upgrade level than ever before.

      Just a little wink here, as the reasons you said you have were wrong and were the root of most of the flames towards Gameforge. So, thank you for reconsidering your conclusions and I would like to remind you something that I and many others repeated several times. Before such changes that will impact the game so deeply, please, discuss with us first, take our thoughts and feedback. Listen to our opinion, a lot of us are playing that game since the beginning. A bright example is the situation with the new servers and what we told you about that.

      I like these quests and the fact that they can be made from everybody 66+ (No one needs apes before that anyway). Some people have concerns about the 40 kills in abyss, but if I am not mistaken these quests are the same for both factions (when Asmodians have 40 kills, Elyos will have that as well). So I believe that these days, even if its not a day for Abyss siege, it wont be so hard to be completed. I prefer Nosra/Esterra tho as not many people are enjoying flying pvp.

      Maybe a weekly option could be implemented for completing all Hero trials with the new rewards during the week with an additional reward for that ? Like some extra Protector’s +6 Manastone Bundles for example as I doubt the amount of these is sufficient. Or just normal weekly quests, more harder but more rewarding ?

      And about the Protector’s +6 Manastone Bundle ...It was said repeatedly that even if they look a lot, they are not at all. So maybe consider these bundles to have the same 10% drop chance from HD instance bosses as part of the Daeva care ?

      Dont like that the all powerfuls are untradeable, but I didnt expect them to be. I really hope that a further changes will be made (not nerfing!), because you didnt touch anything on the current hero trials for over an year, but you said you will

      Dont forget the Serums, the 80/80 VR people dont need them desperately now, but we will in 5.8. The newbies have to have a reliable resource of these as well, until they maxed their VR's. Also if in the future adjustments of that system, you should consider to add the new type of serums that are about to be added in the game in the next patch (maybe in a weekly or something when the time comes).

      Galeas wrote:

      This solution has to be considered together with all other existing sources (events, instances)

      So please keep that in mind as recently the events were only "Promo" and not rewarding at all. Read the feedback from few months ago of the successful events we had.

      To conclude - with what you are about to implement, the gap between the free to play players and the paying ones will be reduced significantly. The casual ones that are not playing regularly will still have hard times doing PVP, but I cant remember when they were able to compete with the hard core folks anyway. Its a grindy game, it always was and probably always will be, at least now is more rewarding and people have more reasons to play it and spend time in it.

      I hope that this solution is not coming too late and some of the people who left in the past month will come back again. But I believe that the ones who was thinking to quit (me including) will stick around and will like what you are offering with that plan.

    • A step to a better direction but still needs some work imo. It's looking nice for APES if you don't miss the day APES are being given. Spread the days pls, many ppl can't play much on weekends and I'd really hope you don't put similar drops on same week day f.e. APES quests on the weekends and none on the work days.

      Still disappointed on the manastones. The lack of eternity stones keep high end manastones really expensive and still getting a lot less low level manastones than before the nerf. Remember that it is still really expensive to morph the manastones from +6 so it's redicilous to limit the amount so much. Even now morphing high end manastones is usually more expensive than buying it straight from the broker. Manastone quest should be easier and farmable on alts. Now you can get it only from siege or tower basically.

      Also should've added atleast few serums to the quests since those were nerfed aswell.
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    • I actually think they are taking into account our input, let’s stay constructive and give the feedback.

      Yes the plan they presented has still some work to do. But I am starting to believe that they are taking into account our sugestions.

      Now on the topic, first I got really excited, than I started to read some more points, and yes it needs work.

      This will not solve the broker problem we have right now, the manastones are not near a decent amount, missing quests for serums, and please don’t force people to work, when they don’t feel like it.

      I mean we are all used to have our second job in Aion (& forum), but having to log in and
      Do a quest on purpose all scared cause it’s day 21, and if I don’t i will miss all of my hard work, is just plain stupid.

      I assume it’s like this after reading some posts, I hope it ain’t though.

      Seriously @Galeas as you can see some of this guys really dedicated time and effort to come up with good suggestions, take them into account, please.
    • Galeas wrote:

      As you know, the Hero Trials quests have a 21 days rotation.

      Quests are rotating, so my understanding of this is that we will have one quest every day. Its just the summary of what we can get in 21 days is what Galeas said. Just one of the days we will have quest for manastones instead....

      @Galeas or @Sita could you provide more info about this - Are we going to have one of these quests per day or some of the days we may get more to do ?

      And to add something to my feedback. I can see people are concerned that this plan will not going to solve the "empty broker" situation. Maybe you can implement more quests related to GoK, MoK and Narakkalli (maybe even the Canyon ?) where the reward could be 1 tradeable APES and Protector’s +6 Manastone Bundle ? And these can be a weeklies that can be made any day ?