[Discussion Thread] Luna Dungeons rewards modification

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    • [Discussion Thread] Luna Dungeons rewards modification

      Do you like these changes 143
        Yes (83) 58%
        No (60) 42%

      Please use this thread to give your feedback to the Luna Modifications as announced here Luna Dungeons rewards modification

      KR Sita
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      For balic atreia

      Brigade General Sita of the 40th Army: What do you think about that? Isn't it exciting?

    • I'll answer the poll after i see it working. So far it is useless to vote about words and intentions that may be subject of a change. However I wonder how many manastones those bundles will give. Otherwise the amount of APES per week for me personally would be similar to what I was getting from Luna. Sounds promising. Quite too late though. That month waiting was a huge set-back.
    • Galeas wrote:

      After reviewing your feedback on our first rough plan, it was clear that most of you didn’t like the idea of adding Apes in instances that only a few groups could complete. Consequently, we completely removed this idea from our plan for now.

      Galeas wrote:

      This will provide 9 APES and 2 Manastone bundles every 21 days per High Daeva character for players who complete all quests.

      Sita wrote:

      The manastone bag is the same as from Mechanerks
      angry thank you.gif
      That's what i do. I troll and i draw things.
    • KenjiWen wrote:

      Galeas wrote:

      Regarding the quests, don't hesitate to bring feedback, we tried to make it so that different play styles would be rewarded but it wasn't easy and it is something that we could adjust in the future.
      "Adjust" sounds so wrong when it comes from you. Just as "Balance" sounds somewhat dirty when it comes from the PD.
      By that I mean, modify some of the quests for instance, not the rewards. I mean the list of quests might not be ideal for everyone we will also see if some are totally ignored and things like that.

      Neko wrote:

      and when are you going to implement this?
      For now we are still within the dates we gave, earliest 18th, latest 25th. But no fix day yet, some things need to be verified first.
    • Hello,

      first off all, I'd like to so thanks for listening to the feedback and not taking Narakkalli and Museum of Knowledge into account (even tho I wouldn't care much because I can run them).
      The changes look decent on first sight, I really like, it motivates me to do stuff, I usually would not do:

      - Running Library of Knowledge
      - Running Arkhal (god I hate this instance but if it provides an APES, why not)
      - Rifting to kill Elites on enemy map xD

      Now to the rest:
      + 400HP for 30 Manastones = 60 Manastones in 21 days = 120 Manastones in 6 weeks, which is already more than 7 weeks AFK Mechanerk would give + you can still AFK Mechanerk Weapon factory to get an addition 30 Manastones. nvm I got something wrong there
      + 300HP and 300kk exp - nothing to add, very easy to do
      + the other options to obtain them are good aswell

      - [JAKUNERK]: This bothers me abit, untradeable APES will help the individual player but won't solve the misery on broker. Maybe do a week on / off mode like 1 week JAKUNERK APES 1 week normal APES. This way players can decide to keep them or sell them on the broker.
      - 12 Manastones in 21 days are not alot, I'd hand out 5 times more.

      That's from my side, I am happy with this solution and will continue playing :D

      Overall I was quite negative, that Luna got nerfed, but with this solution I am more happy, to be honest, AFKing 20 Luna PER DAY is a struggle, I rather do something ingame on 5 alts.

      Galeas wrote:

      something that we could
      :minigun: don't you dare to "adjust" something! Better use the word "add" rather than "adjust".

      Last edit:

      @Galeas ETA next Wednesday with maintenance?

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    • Hello, i like how you fixed the situation about APES, now i would like to understand how many manastones we can get within these 21 days? Cos afaik these bundles of manastones are '' 2 '' but i don't understand how many manastones there are inside each bundle. Can you tell us the exact amount of manastones?
    • Kill 40 Asmo/Elyos in the Abyss (65+)1 [Jakunerk] All Powerfull Enchantement Stone1

      Change this quest to across all atreia , or at least in nosra/esterra and maybe reduce amount of kills.
      Open world pvp is not as active anymore specially in the abyss.

      Other quests sounds good.
    • Dami wrote:

      So Click, how did you make that math now ? XD cos from my maths we get 12 stones every 21 days, am i right?
      I used my brain instead of a calculator, cleary aging.

      Shaokahnn wrote:

      maybe reduce amount of kills
      The way Hero Task kill quests are working (if they still do, they used to in the past), makes it easy as poop to finish 40 kills. I won't elaborate how, Gameforge can find that out themselves to "adjust" it xD