Simple Shugo Imperial Tomb Killing Guide

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    • Simple Shugo Imperial Tomb Killing Guide

      In the Shugo Imperial Tomb you receive 3 basic skills:
      First skill: Low Damage 2 nearby enemies
      Second Skill: heavy damage on 1 selected enemy (kills kumuki soldiers in 1 hit)
      Third skill: Medium damage on 4 nearby enemies.

      On Stage 2 you receive DP based skill: 1K DP
      Scatter poison : Poisons enemies
      This poison kills the lowest 3 mobs: The Krall Hunters, Kumuki guardians and soldiers.images.jpg

      PS: Lots of people poison these monsters and start using other skills to kill them, this is going to waste their DPS for clearing the next wave.
      Useful Advice: as long as these monsters are poisoned just leave them alone to die peacefully.

      On stage 3 you receive DP based skill: 2K DP
      Reflecting Aetheric Field: Protects nearby tower and reflects damage to enemies.

      Useful Advice: If you receive a large wave and you're the only one protecting your side, just let the mobs approach the tower and use the skill to take them all out.

      Use these skills to ensure you don't overkill monsters , this will make everyone else's job easier. :)

      Godstones to do's and don'ts.

      Preferably use weapons that aren't your main wep (you lose AUG/CON charges by casting skills in the instance). I opted for holy maze weapon from the box. Pick an attack speed weapon for your class if you can.

      Based on your available skills and tricks to eliminate the enemies, some godstones might cause loss to your dps at bosses.
      I will rate godstones by their usefulness:

      Dmg godstones: 21% chance - 1% chance. PERFECT

      The mobs die fairly quickly and have considerably low hp. The more procs the better, therefore the lowest dmg godstones are more useful.

      Effect godstones:
      Root godstone: Most useful, doesn't render shugo skills ineffective. EXCELLENT
      Movement speed reduction godstone: 2nd most useful, doesn't render shugo skills ineffective. EXCELLENT
      Silence godstone: Prevent's boss skills doesn't affect attack speed of bosses. EXCELLENT

      Attack speed reduction godstone: Halves the damage of your reflect ability on stage 3. (50% attack speed reduction) Still OK

      Blind godstone: Reduces reflect ability damage by approx 80%. AVOID
      Paralyse godstone: The boss doesn't attack when it activates, if you casted reflect, it is wasted. AVOID
      Poison godstone: Very little damage when procs AVOID
      Bleed godstone: Very little damage when procs AVOID
      Stun godstone: Stun Godstone doesnt work in this instance, AVOID at all cost!

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    • Nice guide. Also, I've noticed that this time the event provides you with a hell lot of healing spells and more than enough freezing spells so don't be afraid to spam-heal the towers, because most likely you will never be left without a few on your inventory. I've noticed that if you also spam freezing spells on the last boss (when the debuff ends or 1s before it does) and also spam your skills, you'll kill him while being stunned the whole time and be left with a couple spells in your inventory.

      or you can use the 4k DP potion if you get them and spam the shield :D
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