Guess gameforge will never change!

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  • Guess gameforge will never change!

    When I left Aion EU 3 years ago it was due to the ignorance of gameforge regarding players hacking. A friend who started playing again told I should come back as they banned them fast!

    well.. after approx 8 weeks being back I have already gathered nearly 50gb of video evidence!!!! I reported but as it was before all the tickets get ignored even tho the evidence clearly showing It

    Gameforge it’s about time you got your heads out your arses and actually ban them instead of milking them for as much cash as you can and ignoring the legitimate players!

    You let these :nothingtoseehere: ruin the gameplay for everyone

    Wake up and do your jobs and ban them or you will end up like :nothingtoseehere: with a server full of hacked players and all the legit players gone!

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