Full DPS build

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    • Full DPS build

      Hello guys,
      I came to you with only one question: what stigmas do you recommend for full dps (PvE), or rather what sixth stigma should I wear in case of increasing my dps more. Full dps means that i don't need any additional defense nor heal because I feel my shield vision works well enough. Do you wear AA for resist buff activating on magical bosses or templar is not capable of full dps build? (I have no more time for testing, especially that next test would need something more alive than dummy)
      BTW Is it truth that when you enchant all stigmas to +9 you get additional stigma slot?

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    • Its almost how I run my templar for now but I cannot agree with punishing wave. It have extremely high cooldown for templar standards and very low additional damage so in normal bossfight you can use it maybe twice and it will make up to 8k dmg.
      Magic smash - this thing scales down, no attack and crit scaling so normal chain is better.
      Shield blast - maybe I don't know how to use it properly in PvE but it gives me up yo 2% of dmg with very similar upgrade on GS and 1h+shield so it considerable but it casted and maybe 2 more AA on gs would be better? I rather consider SB as pvp stigma.

      Anyway 3 normal dps stigmas are bad for me. I rather think of something that will help in activating shield of courage more often or maybe should I take any reflect stigma?
    • well u asked for max dps, the punishing wave is not for actually doign dps but weave, pretty much like siegebreaker.
      magic smash is prolyl the most worthless stigma templar has currently.
      as for holy shield - 0 dmg boost honestly no boss is attacking that fast for that to make any difference in the outcome or if u mean barricade thats defensive skill which u said u dont want.
      Also what do u mean u need by something that will help u activating shield of courage ... u got provoking roar. Well i didnt say anthging about shield blast, the only time u'd be swapping to shield is when u got provoking roar to pop courage anyway(may be shield bash if u got wow on u)
    • In my opinion siegebreaker is very underrated stigma. It makes more dps that any other stigma because of its low cd and good scaling (you just need to keep it down). I know that roar guarantees one shield block but for now very small amount of bosses deal physical dmg that i can even block so SoF is useless. I thought about AA for resist but it have bad cd so shield of courage still cant be used (hope they will change it with arch-daeva skills to last longer). For now I have no cd problem - one or two waved chain and I have my skills are back. Well it seems like we have no sixth dps stigma - I'll keep my EP.

      I have no idea why should I get taunting stigma. 70% of randoms have less dps than me so i don't even use taunts. I cant keep aggro only from good AT but this taunt doesn't make any difference couse if I loose my aggro to them this stigma wont help me (need to enchant my set :P )

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    • Well, it depends. You must look at skills scalling, animation and casting time and damage.
      Magic smash is bad because it replaces another skill in chain. Even if it has good basic damage it scalles with mb so now you need any basic gear to make wrath strike more worthy than this but if it was last step of rage branch of this chain it would be a good choice. Look at siegebreaker - no base dmg but its low cd and scalling with your stats makes it best dps stigma.
      If it comest to casted skills they need to have very high dmg to make them worth using instead of slowing down your rotation to make 2 more autos.
      Templar skills have mostly very good scalling and it makes him proc gear much more than other classes. Making good dps on templar is art of balancing your rotation and weaving.

      And one more thing. I dont say Magic Smash is absolutely useless - near but not fully. Sometimes is good to have magical skills in full physical group when you must kill cleric but its very rare when you use it instead of somthing with more... utility

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    • Judai wrote:

      Having more "dps" skills won't give you more dps
      ofc it will , lol , are we playing the same game?

      Avanill wrote:

      Sometimes is good to have magical skills in full physical group when you must kill cleric
      Only good thing about magic smash is that its ranged, otherwise = mb based(aka no dmg since u cant outweight the msupp of enemy), slow animation, slower re-engaging on the next autoattack unless interupted with taunt. Magic smash is not gonna make any difference :)

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    • t0re wrote:

      Judai wrote:

      Having more "dps" skills won't give you more dps
      ofc it will , lol , are we playing the same game?

      Siegebreaker is bad damage low cd. Whats the point if you rotate your cds correctly would wouldn't have to use it anyway.
      Dps vision stigma is slow cd , fast animation , good skill
      Templar root skill 1min+ cd , damn so good bruh :DDd dumb
      Punishment, maybe but its unreliable af anyway so gl with that.

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    • I've tested it many times with ARM. Siegebreaker is always on top because its not flat fixed dmg but base dmg + dmg from your stats. So even if you deal only 2000 additional dmg with crit you still do more dmg than elimination strike because for one use of elimination strike there are 5 uses of siegebreaker so 10k to 4k dmg. Better gear means siegebreaker outdps elimination strike.
      Lifesteal stigma is good but not for full dps. You need to sacrefice 2 other dps stigmas and replace them by 1 that have similar base dmg to inq blow but with extremly high mana usage. In my tests thos vision looks pretty average. Some websites say this skill have only flat dmg but i must check this info first.
      I prefer taking this stigma build only when I know I need what this build provides - good sustain more than dps.
      And for weaving I use is to keep my skill rotation up. Weaving after every skill isnt providing any profit unless you have wow

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    • No shouldn't weave after every attack, you should weave after the internal cd of auto attack has ended, not before else you will have to wait. Punishing thrust isn't that good dps skill since it has long cd, almost all attacks with low cd will deal more damage if you use it everytime its up for the duration of punishing thrusts cd. Your main damage skill is still bodysmash chain followed by dazing and ferocious chains and always will be.