Gold Pack Modification's

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    • Gold Pack Modification's

      GameForge you need to do something about that GoldPack, OK I get it that you want money to keep the servers up and running(liers we all know you are just moneyhungry) but at least let us buy from the TradeBrooker,without a GoldPack the best thing you can do is just grind infinitly for Gear,Level,Items and other stuff,those who dont have a gold pack can't even buy from a Personal Shop..WHAT THE HECK, i think you should learn a bit from NCSOFT NA because you f*cked up, the community is angry and the GoldPack is not worth and good enough for everyone to spend money on it (also at the treadebrooker is insanely expensive for a new player) just...let us enjoy the game and make that ''Free to Play'' to be real Aion in EU is not Free to Play...this ''THING'' right here you can't even consider it a DEMO because not everyone is as masochistic as me to even atempt to level up without buying the GoldPack.For the love of Aion do something right for once (PEOPLE WILL ALEWAYS BUY COSMETICS AND LITTLE STUFF YOU DONT HAVE TO MAKE US PAY SO MUCH JUST TO ENJOY TO GOD DAMN GAME)
    • I dont expect GameForge to do something that but atleast let me buy thing and make me pay to sell on the broker and i would be ok with that, just let me buy and ofc unlock the Personal Shop because that is realy stupid.
      I don't know if it's possible to trade without buy GoldPack but i will try today and if not that is even worse and they should remove the 'Free' from ''Free to Play''
    • And then bots and kinah sellers will triumph that they dont need to pay 99 AC for every transaction.
      Black market aint sleeping, dude.
      Fix this issue, then we can talk about removing GP.
      Bring back p2p is only option, like many other godlike mmos.
      - Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.
    • Oh come one you all keep complaining about BOTS and Kinah Seller while they are not even the biggest problem in this game,and even if you think about it the GP is not good at all, please tell me how is that NA has no problem with that I've played NA until a few day's ago and never encountered SPAM from Kinah Sellers, and the BOTS i had encountered where inoffensive farming bots that didn't even bothered me at all so there is that just cut the crap out deal with the fact that GP is totally worthless and the restrictions without the GP are just too much just for stopping BOTS and Kinah Sellers,as i said GameForge is just milking you (I ain't gonna pay for that stupid GP and i will do whatever i need to reach end level and gear up without paying a dime).If you realy thing that what GameForge is doing is for the playerbase to be happy,please play on the NA server for 1-2 weeks and than come and tell me that you had been hit with SPAM from Kinah Sellers and you couldn't finish quests because of BOTS.
    • I've played on NA and i would start to play again,honestly the amount of European players there is insane,and belive me when i tell you that NA has no lack of player's,especially after the server merge, but you know at least they are trying and there you can play and also you have the option to buy stuff (mostly cosmetics) and from what i remember in NA there were no RIOTS started by the player base, you asked me why don't i play NA (Its pretty hard to enjoy the PVPVE while you have 500 ping, only the PVE works but It's harder with PVP, you keep praysing GameForge while you know everything they have done with Aion on EU is pure bullshit and at this rate in EU Aion will fall because players are sick of this and also there will be a lot of good games coming out this year and the next year(MU Legends,Bless Online, Lineage Eternal) and with those games on their way Aion will not survive.
    • Why do you care about EU then?
      Let it all fall into nothing as you say, and dont try to do something about this publisher business strat.
      As long as Aion gives revenue, they dont care.
      Noone cares.
      - Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.
    • Dude i don't give a :nothingtoseehere: about Game Forge the only thing i care about is Aion because it's my favourite MMO and the real problem,and why Game Forge is able to do what they are doing is because they are the publisher for like 80% of the MMO's in Europe that is the problem they are able to do whatever they want because they don't care(Honestly if the rumors about A2 project being Aion 2 are true i hope in Europe NCsoft will be the publisher and not selling the right to Game Forge because that would be a huge mistake until than i don't actually care and i will play without buying that GP). You kind sir please keep being an asskisser to Game Forge because you and other people like you are the reason why Aion is going straight downhill because you don't care but we who love the game we care so stop trying to make sense when you know that Game Forge business model with Aion is completely wrong OK.

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    • "someone is ok with GP that you need buy only once to get started into game, and then buy it off broker anytime they need it again"
      Show more rage, obviously community managers will gaze upon your outcry for "i rebel against goldpacks", and gift you one.
      Go play some pirated games, not Aion. Or indeed, back to NA.
      - Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.
    • You really don't get it do you, first of all me reaching end level and gearing up without paying a dime is one pathetic atempt to save the god damn game in EU and prove that is actually free.and just so you know i had bought Aion when Assault on Balaurea came out,I DON'T MIND PAYING FOR A SUBSCRIPTION BUT I HATE THE FREE TO PLAY LIE.(The Gold Pack is not worth buying because it's just removing some restriction and that's it the advantages that Gold Pack offers are free on different servers and in other games are inexistent).
    • Well i reached current pve end-game, without paying even a cent. Just did nosra daily quests for gathering for 5 days, 2h daily, and i've GP only from them alone.
      Then i had enough kinah to get GPs that give you lots of content for that price.
      80/80 vr account on antri costs 3.5b kinah.
      In total you get 56 serums and 30ish APES.
      Check out prices on those on broker to see what is more expensive.
      - Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.
    • The biggest problem is that the Gold Pack is mandatory to enjoy the game, and if you try to buy it with ingame currency at lower level is basicly impossible and for people who don't know how to manage the money ingame will be doomed and forced to pay to get the gold pack