Templar/ Manastones , Items and Stigma

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    • Templar/ Manastones , Items and Stigma


      I have a templar which is now level 68 , I am using Greatsword most of the time because of better damage while doing quests. I bought a greatsword Holy Maze, but I do not know what things to do with that sword. I even bought second one and armfused it , but again it is hard to do quests. I want to ask that should I spend money and buy some small manastones so that it will help me while gearing up? Or should I earn money and don't do anything to that weapon , and maybe wait new better weapon?

      I also want to ask that , I found a article related to crit strike on google.It says after 500 crit it is always %50 chance , is it correct? So maybe I should buy crit strike stones that can help me in questing?

      And finally should I change any stigma other than the game gave to me , or they are enough and good?

      Thanks a lot
    • dont use the builde i posted on the thread - its meant to be for full dps as requested by the TS, and i just got mad by some pro wannabes so didnt continue writing - instead just use one of the more standard ones
      what i usually use is : aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/bAGHJLP65 and what ppl usually use is aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/bACHLMP65 , but then again i' more of a defensive guy so thats the reasoning behind the one i use :D
      my advice is just find the one that fits your style the most, difference in the dmg output isnt big, as long as u have inquisitor and elimination strike (or punishment) slotted

      as for the 500 points (50%) its true , however that only means 500points difference between your enemy (char or mobs/boss) strike resist and your crit. For isntances and such 66+ recomended is to have 1300 crit+ and for the highest ones we currently have 1400. Basically thats your goal for crit and everything else what u have left fill up with attack(or power) stones
    • Wow thaks a lot ! :)

      Actually yes , there was a something I read about strike resist but , does every monster have a strike resist also like daevas? ( I mean characters :D :) ) For example , monsters in esterra which are 66 ( quest monsters near Esterra ) ? . So If I reach 1400 crit , I will like %100 crit rate or something?

      I see , probably I wont even understand the difference but I will try to earn them for now :) Is the only way to buy them are Broker Merchants?
      Thanks a lot again !
    • Most of time I run this: aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/bQHPILM65
      Divine fury: geat buff, its just must have stigma
      Inquisitor blow: good cd, ranged, average dmg, fast animation - good dps stigma
      Elimination strike - burst stigma. Not as good in longer fights but still do its job
      Punishment - most time it does more dmg than inq blow but it has longer animation and its not ranged
      Siegebreaker - The only advantage of this stigma is very low cd. Its dmg fully depends on your stats but it does more than it seams
      Prayer of resilience - just heal. it can save you or even your cleric

      Vision: Barrier Shield - very good stigma it can save you from any danger if you use it properly. Ofcourse if you didnt aggro 20 elites on you. For this time of situation nezekan is needed :P

      For running solo, Tower of challenge, and some more difficult than normal runs I go for this aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/bACHLMP65
      Prayer of victory gives your whole group some additional hp
      Empyrean providence is emergency life-saver for your party

      Vision: Bloodsuckinkg punishment: I really dont like this skill. Average dmg, 50% lifesteal, and good cd BUT using it several times leaves you with no mana (single use is about 900 MP). I use it only when i have no choice

      I dont really play pvp now but I recommend this build: aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/bAFHLMP65 or aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/bBFHLMP65
      Punishing wave is aoe root skill with long cd
      Shield blast - casted stumble - take if you wanna be cc machine

      Other skills:
      Magic smash - useless. It replaces regular skill and have less dmg unless for some reasons you have magic boost set
      Divine justice - another magic skill. before 5.0 it was good but now its resisted most of times
      Vision: Reflection of chastisement: one time - reflect. Good to counter caster classes but you need to take one of stigmas mentioned above
      Shield of faith: x10 guaranteed blocks if you wear shield - not bad for pvp but not very good too. Use it if you play as tank
      Aether armour - good buff for pvp then you face any magic class
      Barricade of steel - good skill - if you have slot take it
      Holy shield - I consider it useless unless you know you'll be facing physical, melee class. Only for duels.

      You can keep green stigmas from quests but blue and gold ones are almost worthless in pve

      Buy full holy apollon set and weapon. Dont take prigga because it'll be useless in 5.8. Holy maze is only temporary set.

      You should also have 1h weapon. for 5 minutes my +3 h. apollon sword do very similar dmg as my +15 h.apollon gs (but only without any external attack speed buffs)

      Stats: by myself i'm aiming for 1500 crit with chanter in party and how much as its possible attack

      Manastones: power an accuracy +6 or higher but only when you buy holy apollon part

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    • Avanill wrote:

      Stats: by myself i'm aiming for 1500 crit with chanter in party and how much as its possible attack
      i hope u mean pvp coz on pve having more than 1400 doesnt do anything

      Vallikie wrote:

      So If I reach 1400 crit , I will like %100 crit rate or something?
      nop cap is still 50% just means where u need more u wont need more than 1400 (makarna,narakali,gok,mok) everywhere else u're perfectly fine with 1300 or so

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