Brand new to the game and AT

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    • Brand new to the game and AT

      So I am brand spanking new to the game. By chance made an AT (kinda liked the idea of running around in a powered armor). Now, everything seems a bit confusing... keys as weapons, etc. So ANY helpful hints for a new AT (links to guides, etc.) would be VERY welcome. I am on Hellion, name is Sangra, if you want to look me up and say hello :)

      Thank you,

    • that guy's pretty good

      check his entire channel with pvp videos and etc

      unfortunately i have close to no knowledge about the class gameplay, but i watched a lot of his videos and he clearly know what he's talking about
    • Aethertech is probably one of the most fun classes to play in game. You don't really need to have different sets of gear, however the Stigmas you choose depending on what you are doing. Different to other classes there isn't a PVE and PVP chain for Stigma, it's very much more slot and match depending on what you are doing.

      I am most definitely not the best person at PVP, but in Runatorium, I love being the control person, using my aoe attacks to para and freeze people.
      Solo PVP you need a totally different stigma set than you would normally have in group pvp or PVe, so out in the open areas of the game on a PVE DPS, you might find your not equipped properly to deal with it. Whilst you are now able to change your armour very quickly with a button. The aethertech has one of the biggest disadvantagesof all the classes. It takes time to switch between a PVE and PVP weapon. So some players choose to armsfuse a PVP weapon together and use it personally. The Aetherkey is basically to unlock the tech. Our Primary Stats are Magic Boost, Crit Spell (knowledge stones) and Magic Accuracy (Accuracy Stones). Our primary defense is Parry (Noone really uses a defense set of armour)

      The other disadvantage is that, Tech's are front directional damage and range is 7m's All other classes can run either be at a distance from you or just jump behind you. Also most skills of the aether tech, when you try to use a skill you will stop moving. We do have a couple of skills that can be used when moving.

      Tech's are very good at tanking, and depending on location can handle quite a few monsters at sametime. Tech's used to be the defense of choice in RuneShield Tower because of this. (it's kind of a shame more of the game doesn't have groups of monsters, every promotional video of the game with skills being used shows groups of 5-6monsters, but in reality, it's group vs 1 monster in about 95% of the game).

      I'm just a crappy tech, but am sure you will find where you fit in. Welcome to the most awesome class in the game, plus we get the coolest looking skins!