Problem with Gathering

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    • Problem with Gathering

      Hi, I'm a new Aion player. Today I created my first character, I did the first quests and up to here everything was ok. Arrived at some point I accept a mission consisting in collecting 3 "Aria". When I tried to collect them came out written "Your level of Collection Skill is too low". So, considering that I'm new and I do not know anything about the game, I searched on the internet how to increase Collection Skill and I find it increases by picking plants or other (or so I understand). I asked: how do I increase Collection Skill if I can not even pick up the first plant of the game? I tried to find a solution for half an hour, but nothing. So I created a second character and with it I tried to collect a plant of Aria. I managed to collect it and not only, Collection Skills have also increased.
      I'm here to ask you why if I go into "Skill" with the first character I do not have Collection Skills points and in the second yes? Is this a bug? Is there a way to fix it or should I start over again?
      If it can be helpful, I can tell you what the cause of the problem is (in my opinion, always if it is a bug): at the beginning of the game, as soon as I got the chance to move, I started collecting a plant (Aria), and soon after I think I've stopped the collection. Maybe this did not allow me to receive the first Collection Skill points.
      I do not know.
      Thanks in advance.

      P.s: Sorry for my bad English and my bad translations.
    • Collection skill is for humans. Daevas (starting from lvl 10) use Aether to extract materials. Whenever I used to try and collect those materials (I was trying to do the quest with the iron material) a message appeared saying something like "You're a Daeva now. Leave those materials for the humans" and I couldn't collect it. I assume you tried to collect Aria for the quest after you did the Ascension quest at lvl 9 (making you lvl 10 when you complete it) and became a Daeva. The quest is not important but if you wish to follow the story and do every quest (I used to be like that), you can complete the quests with a different character before ascending to Daeva. If you click shift+K you'll see that you don't have Collection skill points bar anymore, but Aetheressence and Aethertapping (or something like that, I haven't seen it for a very long time but it's 2 bars). If you wish to increase the one which allows you to collect items from the ground, you'll have to do it by visiting the second region (Verteron for Elyos, Altgard for Asmodians) and start from there.

      You always start with 1 skill point in every profession so don't worry about that.
      "The Elyos and Asmodians were so busy fighting each other that they didn't see the danger coming..."
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    • I think I did the Ascension quest, but I'm still at level 9 and I'm getting ready to go to Sanctum.
      Anyway, I think it's for this reason, even if he does not tell me "You're a Daeva now. Leave those materials for the humans" but "Your level of Collection Skill is too low".
      Thanks to both!