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    • Heya!
      I am currently living at a dorm and use alaptop for Aion that I used before. The laptop runs default engine with around 31 fps normally which is fine. However very rarely something happens that makes it run Aion in 110 fps suddenly until I close/ restart the client!
      What may cause this? I want perma good fps on that laptop xD
      Btw one time this happened windows stopped working ~ xD
    • Hey,

      some questions to begin with, as stupid as they may seem.

      1. When and where does your client run at 110 fps? I mean, Nosra will unavoidably make your fps drop, whereas a simpler map, say Pandaemonium, won't have the same impact on your laptop performances.
      2. Fps drops don't always depend on graphic cards. Can you see any running process which may negatively affect your CPU / RAM? You can have a more accurate look with softwares like Process Explorer, supported by Windows.
      3. What is your ping and packet loss percentage?

      The fatal error your system experienced may depend on an excessive CPU / GPU usage, but we can't be 100% certain.
      You may try to run some GPU / CPU / RAM tests through softwares which you can easily download from the internet. Nonetheless, use them at your own risk or contact a technician if you ain't sure of what you're gonna do.
    • Thanks for the reply!
      The FPS is normally around 30 / 25 whereever I am, max 31 in older maps and like 25 in Esterra/Nosra :)
      When I get the magical FPS boost out of nowhere it runs around 110 fps at older maps and like 60 maybe in Esterra 8o