How to resolve this issue with Gameforge - Aion shop?

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  • How to resolve this issue with Gameforge - Aion shop?

    Hey everyone...

    Im sorry to reply to a thread that is not related to my issue, but, im kinda really stuck.
    I dont see any thread here that is related to my issue, and its really important, so, forgive me for
    trying to get some help, as im out of options..

    Let me explain:

    Im not able to contact Aion support, as they dont recognize my password, and when i request a PW code reset, they never mail me a link so that i can change it.
    Also, as my issue is related to customer support, .... if i cant get any, if i cant contact anyone, then im forced to come here, which i dont want to do, but im in a bit of a situation...

    Here it is..
    Normally i use the Aion Shop a lot.
    I love the game, and i spend a lot in the shop.
    Usually, i use Paypal, but i thought i would use a Visa last night, so, last night i attempted to purchase 2000 Aion Coins using the Visa.
    I tried 2x, and both times it didnt work.......tho it should have, and the 2nd time, i got a "internal server error", try again.
    But i didnt, i just waited till today, as im use to Server issues with the Aion system.
    So, today, 11-16-2017 i received a email from my Visa Bank and they tell me the payment was approved.
    THEN, i go to the Aion Shop to spend it, and the coins are not there, and i get a pop up window that says i am banned from buying anything else there.
    But i just paid for 2000 coins, and im banned?.....and i dont see a refund or anything...........
    So, im banned from buying using the shop, which is very odd, while i have a payment that is sent to Aion.
    Apparently when i changed the payment option to Visa, instead of using PPal as ive done many times, the system flagged me... which means had i used Paypal, i would not be writing this Thread, wondering where my Visa payment is, or why i cant use the Aion Shop.
    Very frustrating.

    SO NOW, i cant get a response from customer service that emailed me about sending them a ''Ticket", using a link that goes to the page that wont let me update my password.
    I would even call Gameforge directly, but there is a warning about not calling them about these type issues.

    So, im banned from spending money in the shop, yet the shop has my Visa Payment sent last night for 2000 Coins, ...Yet i cant send a "ticket"...(whatever that is), to try to resolve this situation because i cant get the PW reset code sent from the customer service site that would let me reset my PW, and send them a "ticket" that i guess is a request for review.

    Im stuck.
    I cant get this resolved, so, im here hoping someone can lead me to a resolution, as i would like to get my coins, that are purchased, and i would like to again be able to use the Aion shop as i do all the time.

    help, someone, ?

    what to do?

    Is there a Moderator here who can help me solve this situation?
    Ive spent money, i cant use it, and it wont even show up in the shop.



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  • Edit your post and remove the username , dont post in forum, jsut if some1 of gf contact u on PM( and even then they wont ask u just help u to get in contact with support)
    Also usually when u buy a lot u are banned from bying again for a while(due to some ppl scamming in the past) not from using the already bought coins, so double, tripple check that 1st.

    The support page uses different accoutnt not the one u use for the game(in case u havent created support one already)
    which means u need to make 1 there too with the mail under which u registered your ingame acc(or link it after to it as well).
  • Hummm,

    ok, well,.

    i can't speak to "scammers" or abusers of Aion, but, for me, i think i should be able to use the shop.
    If i want to spend a little or a lot, why does this matter?
    Gameforge - Aion, is a business, and a provider of a public service, that offers inventory in a shop.
    If one Aion player uses the shop once a month and another player uses it once a day, ....
    It is very easy to spend a lot of money there, and if i chose to do that,or not, then why should there be an issue.
    Im a player who likes to not only play the game a lot, but i also like to constantly be getting new clothes, armour, or even choosing to do a lot of "plastic surgery" on my players.
    Im always doing all of this, and its fairly expensive, however, its what makes the game for me.
    If all i did was chase Party's and heal Gladiator's, and get killed by Asmos's when im doing "solo", then the game would not be as good as i have created it to be for myself.
    For example, , in once case, i have a beautiful Cleric, with many many sets of clothes, many weapons, and i would always want to buy more, sell some, for me, i enjoy the shopping and getting the new clothes and weapons as much as i enjoy it every time i level up.
    So, for me to not be able to upgrade my player and game experience using the shop, trade broker, , would make my Aion experience much less enjoyable.
    I know how to heal a Party, i know how to win "chests"......and i love to be a part of the action, but, thats only about half the fun of the Aion experience for me.

    I did register again with customer service, using my username, ect, which allowed me to state my issue for them to access and hopefully change it back to normal status regarding the Aion Shop..
    So, im assuming that is the "ticket" they need to take a look at my situation, and hopefully reinstate my ability to use the shop.
    Im sure most players dont use the shop as much as i do, but im also certain that everyone who plays Aion is constantly trying to upgrade in power and in armour and in experience, as well as leveling up.
    I like to do it all, including shopping as much as i want.


    thx for the response....