I cant launch the game :(

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    • I cant launch the game :(

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      Hello good morning I was going to ask the forum if someone had a solution to my problem, last night when installing the game from steam I got the following error: aion error 1023, "Unable to configure the graphic driver - Unable to create a file that already exists. " I decided to delete the game after many hours trying to enter (update the drivers, repair game from steam and from the launcher, update DiretX and everything that could be tested.) So leave the game all tonight by downloading it again this time from the official website instead of steam and now the message that appears is: Error 1023, The graphic driver could not be configured, the system can not find the specified path, I have a computer with good components and my friends can play and I am the only one no xD (I already sent a ticket to the support but it does not answer me)
      Thank you very much in advance for the help.