New servers and old pvp instances merge.

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    • if you are an elyos, its also possible that right now the overall race ratio is much higher on the elyos side that it was when servers were separated.
      lets say now its 75:25. it means only 25% of elyos will be able to find opponents, when for the remaining 50%, there are just no amos to be paired with.
    • your inability to read proceeds you.

      waiting time:
      1) Ashunatal / BMR / Runatorium (1-2minutes)
      2) Kamar (2-3minutes)
      3)SWB PvP (5-7minutes on wednesday)
      mostly same ppl because of elo/mmr ranking list. (which you find on what place you are *Thanks GameForge* , I think only on aiDPSmetter.)

      After merge cross-server:

      waiting time:

      1) Ashunatal / BMR / Runatorium (6-8 minutes) - when we get entry, boom Governor +20bygone +7 accesories, clerics with best shield (on new server never gonna have because again *Thanks GameForge they remove it)
      *Thanks again GameForge*
      2) Kamar (5+ minutes)
      3) SWB PvP (mostly the same as before)

      where do you see anything about arenas here?
    • well for example yday evening grendal elyos had 97 ppl 1-75 online. So tell me merge is not needed. Issue is most ppl on the new servers are cybabies that were ZERO factors on their old server and tought they'd be soo good coz they play on new server. Those same ppl wont matter after merge and might stop playing anyway. Also too many people that just hit 75 and dont give a damn about the game anymore and sit afk in the towns for no reason while ppl that actually do stuff are struggling to find groups. This is probably true for all servers with least relevance to elyos side deyla.
      But the way i see it, its already over, the game no longer has enough good players (and no i dont mean some elitists that are "pro pvp players") to sustain healthy population anymore
      may be a merge of all servers will force lots of ppl to quit and leave quite a lot after to have full capacity server, but that would hit gameforge in the pockets so it would never happen ;)