Fun with Leibo comes to an End and says Good Bye!

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  • Fun with Leibo comes to an End and says Good Bye!

    Hey there,
    just gonna copy our FB post.

    " Hey Guys,
    actually we didn't wanted to say anything about this, but enough is enough.

    We finished the project "Fun with Leibo" on the 1. of December.

    After we have been stalling for months by gameforge, this step was unfortunately necessary.

    In fact, an agreement with gameforge should be made earlier this summer, which would have been necessary to bring our project to the next level.

    However, it was not possible during this time to sit on a table with gf / Skype, ts etc. To discuss the necessary steps properly. And unfortunately in good faith we have let ourselves be put off from week to week.


    The Plush Shugos, which we still had for the Christmas season for you, have already been distributed to some lucky ones.

    :nothingtoseehere: (sorry, but this doesnt belong here)

    We for our part will now step back from aion and other games that are published by gameforge.
    We don't want to support a company like that any longer. Not with time and not with money.

    The end of this project hits us very hard, but not just because we have put a lot of time in here, but also because you! No matter if you flamed, hated or loved us :D.

    In the End, we would like to thank you!
    Thank you for your likes, comments, messages, feedback, criticism and support. We have enjoyed the time with this project, also thanks to you, and we have been very happy to help and support you guys as far as we could and were allowed to.

    We from Fun with Leibo wish you a merry Christmas and enjoy everything you do.

    Your Rysing / Your Saphaly


    Fare well!