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    • PvE ranks runs


      I'm Lilly from Grendal and I'm looking for decent PvE players to make some 6ppl Speed Runs / TOP DPS runs and generally having funn from PvE and gaining best scores.
      So what I'm looking from are players ofc lvl 75 if we talk about mage classes they need caps of MB and crit spell for most on instances, about phy well best what you can do :D no need to be full Power+10 just decent gear and ofc skill. It's just PvE so you don't have to be crazy OP just to make TOP 10 or better from your class will be ok for now. We wanna try all 66+ instances even s... like Adma Ruins, for now just 6ppl we will see what is going on later on.

      For sure I'm looking for:
      - Bard
      - Sin

      Now I got:
      1) Sorcerer, nick: Lilly
      2) SM, nick: Ascency
      3) Cler, nick: Putri
      4) Glad, nick: Matrok
      5) BARD????
      6) SIN??? / GLAD??? / SORC??? / CHANTER????? (idk about last person need to talk about that)

      If you're playing other class and you like PvE like I do post your nickname here or msg me maybe we can make some PvE fun.
      I wrote nicknames here to let you see if you wanna try some fun with us, just look at PvEranks what we did with "semi-random" team and maybe we can make better with you.
      Here is link to my AionPvEranks Profile if you like to see how bad we are without you :P

      Other needs:
      - TS
      - English or Polish speaking
      - No cheats will be nice too xD
      - Asmo side

      Ok that's probably all I want to say

      Have fun and CYA,

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    • True but in terms of speed runs chanter slows us cause he can't get like 20k iDPS and mostly buff just phy classes cause all got MB/Crit spell caps and probably SoD looks better vs WoW for most of mages.

      If I can get chanter like you doing over 14k iDPS at Kroban than yes I can have a chanter :)

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    • Well in this patch gunner can't do great DPS, I haven't seen any gunner that impressed me in last 3 months or so. Ofc all the time we're talking about PvE.
      In like Narakkali or GoK last boss Gunner can make over 8k iDPS which is nice but in speed run idk if he can make over 20k iDPS like sorc or sin.
    • No, Gunner can't. Gunner is good DPS overall, but in a 30 seconds burst, there's nothing the class can abuse like Chanter/Gladiators DP or Sorc Castspeed or Clerics WoD.

      Even with a slight abuse by precasting Spirit Cannon, Gunner doesn't help speed runs at all. They don't even provide any utility. Literally zero reason to bring a Gunner if you're going for the maximum.
    • Well team like 1 Glad 4 Sins and Chanter can be rlly good but if I can't even find 1 great sin so how can I get 4 of them xDD ?
      Still I'm sorc so I need a bit more Magical team:
      1) Sorc
      2) Sorc
      3) SM
      4) Bard
      5) Cler
      6) Glad (to take Agrro not interrupt sorcs casts by boss XD) or 3rd Sorc xD but kinda crazy I think still "Flame Cage" is nice DPs at kinda wasted in 3 sorcs :P

      But still if I can get rlly good sin and he wanna come with team like that I don't need sorc :P but this will not be best run for glad/sin