Returning - how's the game atm?

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    • Not worth wasting your time (and money) on retail to see how your SM will perform in pvp. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, we're talking around 3months to even 1year+ to gear up properly.
      There are "alternatives" that are far more enjoyable to spend your time on and find out a lot faster how the pvp has changed over the years :)
    • I probably do something wrong because some of those estimates don't add up.

      1-4 weeks for some pve gear is understandable, holy maze, ac coin gear, or some of the holy apollon armor sets (accs are expensive) for some unpopular classes are not expensive.
      1-3 months for narakkalli, I guess that is falusha or whatever is called, but that is billions of kinah from what I can see, or if you want to farm it yourself you probably need very good gear and lvl to start with.
      1+ month for pvp set with only one char? what kind of pvp gear? arena gear takes weeks to farm one single item, mythical strife gear is the same. after some months of solo farming, you would most likely have a +0 pvp gear set.
      2-3 months for a proper set, I don't see how. lots of ap is needed, medals as well, not counting that you need apes and stuff.

      From my estimation, it could take someone starting the game more like 6+ months, assuming he/she have made alts as well.
    • Vane wrote:

      I'm only worried about: p2w, hackers, finding a good legion, needing to sacrifice my life to get ahead xD.
      p2w can be overcome by playing a lot , hackers might be some but i wouldnt say they're rulling, and most ppl claiming that every1 is hacking are just plain bad. As for legion - well thats grey area :D
      but all in all money-gear-level - secret is in making smartest descisions.