6.0 First Info

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  • who says they remove dispel pots, in the before after screenshot of the bard skillbar there was still the magical craft dispel pot inplace of drama coffee on skill bar ;)
    Would be stupid to remove all dispel pots, they been around forever and 1vs1 is still a thing in this game for some people.
    Dispel pots are also in the game to support ur cleric by removing debuffs while he is busy to heal for example.
  • Regarding 6.0, we are already starting preparations together with NCsoft (collecting and translating documentations,reviewing content, etc) and this update has an immensely high priority for us.We know you are excited about it. We are currently still receiving a lot of documentation from NCSOFT.
  • 1. Incorporating many stats into one
    for example, Magic Attack/Magic Boost will be integrated into Magic Attack, and Magic Defence/Magic Suppression into Magic Defence.
    You can now set your abilities in the direction you want.


    2. Removal of unnecessary stats
    As more stats are added, the complexity is also increasing and some abilities become unused.
    So we will remove lower and hardly ever used abilities.
    As previously mentioned, Idians and Godstones will disappear and associated stats will also no longer be available.

    Removed stats:
    Flight PointsIncreased EnmityReduced EnmityStrike Resist
    Spell FortitudeStrike FortitudeSilence Resistance PenetrationParalysis Resistance Penetration
    Silence ResistanceParalysis ResistanceGodstone PreventionSpell Resist
    Fire ResistWater ResistWind ResistEarth Resist
    Stun ResistStun PenetrationStumble ResistStumble Penetration

    3. Minion Reorganization
    In the previous updates, many suggestions have been sent regarding minions. We decided to revise the part that influences the pvp content rather than the whole idea. In this update, we will adjust the damage dealt by minions in pvp.
    Character’s basic abilities will be increased, and minions abilities will be adjusted so that the winner or loser is not determined whether or not someone uses a minion.

    In the next 3 months we will update the minion content.
    We will explain all minion changes that will provide useful and convenient features that will be adjusted for the pvp.
    Untill the changes are released, special minion NPCs will be available on all servers. (KR only)

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  • 1. Transactions of Goods
    Till now, most items like Kinah, items, consumables could be traded. As a result, transactions between players were thriving, and it was convenient to be able yo acquire necessary goods by trading. However, the fun to collect all necessary goods disappeared very fast.
    After the update, all Kinah will be converted at a certain rate into Golden bars and collection of new Kinah will begin.
    New Kinah can not be traded and belongs to the character. Transactions within your account and other players are not possible. However, some items like crafting materials can still be traded through an agent.

    2. Supply of major goods through content
    We want to create an environment where necessary Kinah can be gathered through the available content and used appropriately when it’s needed. In the future, new kinah can be acquired from hunting monsters, selling items, quests, etc. and can be used for teleportation, Soul Healing, Re-tuning, and purchase of consumables. The difficulty of obtaining certain items has been lowered. Enchantment Stones can be acquired through sieges, upgrading materials through other activities.
    After performing base quests, you can purchase equipment and upgrade materials.
    New organizations will be added from where you can purchase new wings, Feathers, and Bracelets.
    You can obtain the item necessary to expend manastone slots through equipment extraction. Upgrade materials for PVP items can be acquired from battlegrounds and sieges.
    By making necessary goods available through in game content, we will try to ensure that the effort and time spent in participation in the content will be rewarded by acquiring goods.

    3. Shugo’s ‘Quna’ and Gold
    As mentioned before, existing Kinah and enchanted Estimas will be converted into Gold.
    Gold can not be traded, and belongs to the character.
    Gold can be used to purchase Minium, enchantment stones, stigma enchantment stones from Gold merchants.
    New kinah can also be used to purchase ‘Deavanion Skill Box (Random)’.
    We want you to feel a sense of accomplishment when you exchange your wealth for valuable items.

    Quna is a new NShop currency that can be used to purchase various goods in game as well from the shop.
    It can be used to purchase Mounts, Pets, stigma enchantment stones, and buffs.
    Especially from the ‘Today’s Store’ where items can be purchased at a discount.

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  • If there are plenty of activities you can do in the game, and there will be, playing on one char is actually nice.

    I've played a mmo (skyforge) were currency wasn't tradeable, actually trading didn't exist at all between players, and I thought that is actually a very good game design, until you had to purchase event items from their cash shop with your limited weekly currency (a cap like in Aion) and that was painful for non p2w players.