New Emotes,Motions ideas!

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    • New Emotes,Motions ideas!

      * How about making like a "Superhero" Motion ,like flying all time (not like levitation) like a superhero pose, superhero flying with a hand in front .
      * How about making a different row in the "Motion" section in profile inventory with something like *Pose that would mean just as pose when you are away from keyboard. For example I like very much the attack mode from Ninja motion but I don't like the idle one , so make it like we can just modify the pose from Idle and a different one for Attack .
      * How about a motion like "superstar/diva posing" something like a hand under the chin and throwing off the hair,looking at nails,chewing gum loud,playing with hair with one finger,looking at others with the corner of the eye.
      * Or a motion "Shy" like a little shy person who is almost afraid of everything ,even to raise eyes up to people. This could be cute for small characters.
      * Or maybe a motion "Eating" like one of those guys who's always up for food. (this one just as for fun). Or a "Sleepy" person who like yawns allot and almost falls off his feet.
      ~There are allot ideas which can come with this but the main idea is if they can make "Idle" and "Attack" separated in the Profile inventory.
      Its called being fhabulous! 8) *
    • As I already said,but I can repeat...To make separated the Attack and Idle motions...which are 2 in 1 at the moment...when you chose Hovering Idle you also have Hovering Attack mode...I suggested to make them separated ,as example Ninja Idle and Hovering Attack mode ...Hope you understand now.
      Its called being fhabulous! 8) *