[EN] Discontinuation of Click&Buy in the Gameforge Shop

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  • [EN] Discontinuation of Click&Buy in the Gameforge Shop

    Dear players,
    We are sorry to have to tell you that from 01.01.2014 we will no longer be offering the Click&Buy payment method.
    For this reason, we recommend you make use of PayPal in future.
    PayPal is one of our best partners in the payment handling sector and we have been working successfully together for years now, thanks to PayPal being a reliable and internationally recognised payment provider.
    PayPal offers you the following advantages:
    • Paying with PayPal is free for you to use.
    • Payment is fast and uncomplicated: upon registration you need to only provide your bank details once; from then on you pay using your email address and your password.
    • Paying with PayPal is safe: thanks to this process, PayPal is especially safe because you do not need to enter any bank details when shopping.
    • PayPal is also widely available: you can use PayPal to pay in a huge selection of online shops.
    Should you wish, you can register for PayPal. It’s easy and free!
    If you do not wish to pay using PayPal, there are other reliable and secure payment methods available for you to use in our shops.

    We wish you continued fun with your chosen games!