gone with the wind - 6.0 removes areas - memories

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    • Misto wrote:

      Originally on Spata Ely were just destroying asmos in siege ( I didn't care much for siege I was happy doing pvp all day as you saw :D )

      Then we had that massive event if you captured divine you got crap ton of AP and those lineage 2 skins :vvvv

      Anyway server transfers came out and literally all the asmos left and transferred to perento, the day after transfers beluslan was a desert, abyss was empty, no asmos and nothing in heiron so me and vipu transferred the next week with most of our legion at the time (TACO), we left behappy cos they were pve+siege heroes :P

      I moved in 1.9 so I have no idea what the situation was after that on spata
      dire, very dire - same happened to telemachus aswell, so now you know why Deyla is in such an imbalanced shape
      (for that we give them quite good opposition) - though I dislike to what we have come to... too many submissive TT