Legion VS Legion ~ Battle for territory

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    • Legion VS Legion ~ Battle for territory

      Do you think we should have Legion VS Legion battles for territory in Aion? 24
        Yes we should, it'd be fun. (18) 75%
        No , just no! (6) 25%

      Playing aion really long time by now and always had a wish to see Legion battles for territory...
      What I mean by that is something similar to those in signia, vengar that already exist, but with some PvP content. Kinda feel it could make legions more important , what is the key of a nice and healthy community and give us all lots of fun and joy. Would be nice to have it more like PvP focused (it's just the way I like it).

      To be honest I don t know how could it work out the best, wut should be the rewards, how many people should be able to enter, should it be 1 legion vs 1 legion or more legions at once (smth like Pangaea). Just think something like this should be developed in aion. Maybe something like 24 vs 24 , winners should get some rewards that are worth of going aswell. We really lack of PvP content in aion , BMR is kinda boring IMO, Dred isn t rlly pvp instance nowadays, Neviwind canyon is a fail, SWBB is an old thing and only 1x a week, gold arena failed cuz of lack of people, RT is the only group pvp instance which I like so adding ingame legion vs legion content as a pvp thing could rlly be nice. I know it can t come any time soon, but maybe something wut could be implemented in upcoming patches.

      Don t have much experience in other games, but pretty sure many of them have it and people enjoy such things. :thumbsup:
    • I always thought they should put in the system from guildwars where each party had their own forts and then they could war each other. Oriel should have had legion houses, and it would have been good if players could have custom design arenas for each legion, and have things like different levels, cannons, flight etc.. with 6v6, 12v12, 24v24 and 48v48.