the reset rewards for gold packs was on 1 january but .....bug or trick?

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    • ok sorry to say but i have to delete my chars lvl 70 to take the rewwards? is not normaly i have sets thinks .....ok maybe to not receive some thinks but i mean the apes and the serums to have it for my chars that i spend time lvl it up .at the end every one wait the reset for apes and serums ...
      aion was my wife :'.)
    • Hello again.
      What you CAN do, that’s what I do every half a year:

      Chose a random higher level character and put it on delete - it will stuck there 7 days for deletion queue.
      Once you done that you can create 1 new character regardless if you already have 8 characters.
      On that new character assign rewards, once your done enchanting / whatever, make sure to delete it again after.
      Once it is deleted your previously for deletion queued character appears in the list again and you can CANCEL the delete request.

      Alternatively delete something you don’t really need and ask support to instantly delete it to not wait the 7 days queue.
    • in my opinion i dont want to disturb with this but normaly i ask
      the scroll for ap i better use on alts or on main ?
      the xp scroll ?
      apes and serums? (ok you can trade items but still )
      and some more thinks are very good but ...
      and when i activate the gp nobody told that the rewards will be only one time for every char and after i have to create new char to take again or maybe i miss this thing . Write somewhere ?
      maybe a fix on this with a new update we can implement , i pay money or what i pay to use the gp and have some thinks from time to time on my main chars not on alts
      this is just my opinion and i can say more but i stop anyway is just a game but we spend time and money some of us in this. Respect the request of the players and you will make bilions and all the people will be happy to play aion (again sorry for my english)
      aion was my wife :'.)
    • rewards are one time only on one char, you cant give same reward after 6 months to same char
      and everybody know that, everyone are waiting for reset to make 1lvl char, give them tradable items so that they can use untradeable apes/serums on them
      no change needed there, if you used your yasbas, xp scrolls, ap scroll on oyur main thats your problem, noone will give them to you for free again

      and true, you paid for gp, and you got your reward for character you playing, thats it
    • yes, they wait exactly for this ciotau - I am sorry if noone told you properly about this, but I made sure that my friends know it, also those that are new in game
      you might ask your legionmates more about this

      And the new Elite level that just got implemented last year are one time only on one character of your choice
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      For balic atreia

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    • Just "Delete" (start deletion process) a character and you'll instantly be able to make a new one regardless of the deletion process not being finalized yet. Then create new characters to claim your rewards on, use the rewards and delete each of the new character afterwards. Once you are done simply cancel the pending deletion for character you "Deleted" first.