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    • ok i didnt want to start an argue about the disco with my post :S
      i just wanted to point out there are so many ppl joined in discord and only few ppl are actually posting in the recruitment chats
      may be a lot of ppl dont know about the @LFG group or dunno
    • Ye it's ok, it's good that ppl give feedback. Usually ppl don't really say what they think about stuff.

      We were aware that LFG could be a bit quiet and it doesn't really work for active recruitments, atleast for just that instant moment. Reason for this is cause ppl use discord on phone or if the play the game and they join a voice chat, it's usually on the background of the game, so ppl don't pay attention to LFG all the time. This was known before we made it but we gave it a try anyway. The asmo chat is much more active compared to elyos one. We did create a newiwind tag to help with the newiwind recruitment and you can post it on asmo/elyos faction chat to prevent other faction getting tagged by it. This helps recruiting newiwind on that moment u want to go in. But in general, trade channels work better for discord as it's for a longer period of time and it stays up on the chat for a long time.

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