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  • Galeas - Information on main topics

    Here you can find the status of the main topics currently

    Last update: 28.01.


    Kinah/vendor fix:
    -The NPC vendors are giving you 15% of the item buy value.
    -We also have a Kinah drop event running that will stay until the Hero Trials are active. The event will be deactivated when the Hero Trials goes live.
    -We added Kinah pouches to the shugo bot that you can buy every day.

    Transformations contracts/potions:
    -We added a first source for contracts in-game as a 1st step. You can now drop contracts in some dungeons.
    -You can now buy 1 contract per week from the Shugobot.
    -You are currently receiving 2 free contracts every week per account (will be removed when the Hero Trials are implemented)
    -We are currently providing contracts with the new year's event and there is the possibility to get an ancient contract with the Transform event/

    Enchantment stones/rates:
    -We implemented the 6.5 enchantment rates.
    -We started adding more stones as a reward in events and will continue with this trend.
    -We will provide more stones with the Hero Trials, the Platinerk system.
    -The morphing feature to transform ancient stones into legendary and into Ultimates stones is being evaluated. We will inform you when a decision is made.

    Hero Trials:
    -We are still working hard on it. As you know the system is close to be ready but some bugs are remaining and we can't implement the feature until it works. We will inform you as soon as it's ready for implementation. The chances are low now that it will be ready in January.

    Platinerk system (successor of the Veteran system):
    -We are aiming now for the first quarter of 2019.
    The consequence of this delay is that a new reset of the Veteran took place on 01.01.2019.

    -We are preparing already a new system that will avoid the loss of some daily shugogold because of the cool down. Meanwhile we will lower the re-use time.

    -Shugo Bot:
    -We are preparing some modifications for the rewards. ETA => March.

    -Luna crafting:
    -The kinah box will be changed (it will give more kinah). ETA => March.

    -We are currently looking for more recipes for different items. (high value items)